The Reveal: Coke Studio PH Homecoming

Coca-cola has revealed last Saturday, September 1, 2018 during their Coke Studio Season 2 Concert Launch, the new OPM artist line up that will be joining Coke Studio Homecoming Season 2 opening on September 16.

COKE STUDIO‘s goal is to promote Original Pilipino Music and put OPM back in the spotlight where it belongs by supporting Filipino artists, giving them a platform where they can showcase their world-class talents.

Season 2’s theme is HOMECOMING – every episode would talk about what it meant to come home and how the theme is relevant to the artists. Every episode will feature 2 artists who will get to know each other and collaborate on an original composition that relates to Homecoming.

The line up:

The 14th artist is still a surprise and shall be revealed on Episode 7, November 18.

Coke Studio Homecoming will premiere on September 16 on ABS-CBN at 11:15AM and via the Coke Studio PH Official Youtube Channel.

What to look forward to? Episode Highlights, a Christmas special on December 2 where in the Coke Studio Chrismas song will be unveiled. Roadshows that will visit schools in Manila and the provinces. And to cap off season 2, there will be a Christmas concert , featuring the artist line-up.




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