HKTales: Toy Street

What brought me here in Toy Street was a die cast train toy Coco saw in The Peak Tram that’s worth almost HK$200, which I think is toooo expensive. We looked for where in HK they specializes in toys and school supplies and found this place they call “Toy Street”.
Photo 6-2-18, 1 52 39 PMIt is around Fuk Wing, Fuk Wa and Kweilin Street. These street markets and boutiques are the go-to places for party needs, school supplies and toys. There are stores that takes wholesale/bulk orders, but there will be some selling in cheaper retail prices.

Those who frequent Divisoria, it is very similar to the place. The only difference is that they have their own stores instead of having a stall in a big area/mall, and of course, the language barrier, which makes it more difficult to bargain better deals.
Photo 6-2-18, 1 51 30 PMPhoto 6-2-18, 1 52 29 PM
Here are snapshots of what I saw in different stores. Makes me want to go back again to shop, since I didn’t really shop.
Photo 6-2-18, 1 52 49 PMPhoto 6-2-18, 2 10 12 PM
Photo 6-2-18, 2 10 22 PMPhoto 6-2-18, 2 26 38 PM
Photo 6-2-18, 2 27 06 PMPhoto 6-2-18, 2 27 17 PM
Photo 6-2-18, 2 29 48 PMPhoto 6-2-18, 2 32 15 PM
Photo 6-2-18, 2 33 57 PMPhoto 6-2-18, 2 37 29 PM

Here are some of the stores I went in to, mostly where I took those pictures
Laugh Laugh
Tin Kua Trading Co
Kar Bo Co.

BTW, here’s what I got for Coco, 5 die cast trains all for HK$50!
Photo 6-3-18, 11 36 10 AM

So for TOYS, Toy Street is the place to be!

Where to find it: Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong.Take the MTR B2 exit at Sham Shui Po MTR station and turn right on the second street.


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