#NationalSuperMomsDay2018 Digital Media Conference

It was a very intimate gathering at Gringo, Maax Building, Pasay with other media moms and our special guests, Chyna Ortaleza, Princess Velasco, Ms. Sandy Andolong with daughter, Mariel De Leon. Also joining them is Mr. Jonjon San Agustin, SM Supermalls Senior Vice President for Marketing.

Each Super Mom shared different stories and insights on motherhood that we could all relate in one way or another. Here are some of my take away from our heartfelt discussion:
DSCF4432Chyna says, when asked what a #SuperMom is, “If a mom is able to take care of herself, have a good career, a good relationship with your husband and take care of your child – yun yon super hero ka para sakin
DSCF4443Princess shares that “motherhood doesn’t come with a manual, wala yang instruction manual, you can research all you want before you give birth, but it is still different when the baby is there.” She also added that “When you become a mother your patience really stretches and your heart grows, making seemingly impossible things possible.
DSCF4440Ms. Sandy comments about how young mothers are lucky now because of modern technology. “In terms of communication, research on certain things that you need to learn and know about millennial moms are more conscious, aware and careful on how to deal with their children and how to bring them up in a proper and loving way. Unlike during our time, it was a hit and miss thing, also with the mothers now, you will make mistakes, and you learn from that and you do better. With us we learn from our mothers on how to take care of babies, you take in some, some you don’t, it is important that children know and feel that they are loved.” She also shared, “Moms now enjoy being a mother, they give more time, unlike our time when we work hard, now they put so much time, and get involve in every little thing and development.
DSCF4434Mariel, on the other hand, shared how she admires her mother’s strength through the trials that they, as a family had to endure, when it comes to his brother and mother’s health. Ms. Sandy, would agree, while both of them teary eyed, that a mother would do anything for her family, and that you become selfless when you become a mother.
DSCF4446What #SuperMoms really want on Mom’s Day? Everyone agreed on ME TIME – because believe it or not, each and every mom needs a break! But better yet, why don’t we bring our moms/wives to your favorite SM Supermalls and see what’s in store for them this  #NationalSuperMomsDay2018! Visit this link to know more.


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