Toy Review: Plum Build-It Table

We have a very great discovery from S&R, the Plum Build-it Table. Coco is a very busy builder. He enjoys building simple infrastructures and vehicles with his Lego bricks. But at the end of the day, he has to clean them up because he is playing his Lego on our dining table.

Why we love our Plum Build-it Table:

1. It is Lego Classic and Lego Duplo Compatible.
2. It has 2 base plates, gives more room for creativity.

3. Perfect for Coco’s height – be it while sitting down or standing up. It’s assembled size is L50 x W30 x H71cm.

4. It has 2 drawers and a bottom shelf for more storage.

5. It is very sturdy, kind of heavy. But Coco could easily pull-push it to where he wants to play.

6. And lastly, because of its best features – I believe, its price at P2,799.75 (I think, sorry I forgot the exact price already, will update when I go to S&R again!) is very very worth it. One affordable fixture for a brick-o-holic like my Coco.

What are you waiting for? Rush to the nearest S&R branch and get your kids’ own Plum Build-it Table!



    • Hi Mommy Rhej, if yoor son has duplo size legos, he can use the table with it na, im sure he wont totally appreciate it, but you can start by playing there with him, until he himself will be accustomed to playing his lego on the table.


    • Yeah, kind of pricy, but it was a good buy on our part as it also served as its Lego keeper. It was on sale though when I first saw this, but I didn’t have cash that time. haha! I think it was less than a thousand then.


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