Movie: Sing

It’s a gamble for me when I finally decided to let Coco watch the newest kiddie film, Illumination Entertainment’s Sing. I’m kind of not at ease with the movies that they produce. I am not really a Despicable Me-slash-Minion films fan. As the matter of fact, I hated the movies so much. Don’t get me wrong, Minions are adorable and funny, and as a character you can’t hate them. But all the films related to the Minions are not worth watching at all. One when you still have to talk to your kid and tell him that they are not nice and not to be imitated. Don’t get me wrong. We will still be watching the upcoming Despicable Me film, but you know, it’s not something that I will always be talking about with my son. So here, we also watched The Secret Life of Pets and for me it is nothing but trash. The pets are so cute and all. When I first saw the teaser, it was funny and heart warming but the whole body of the movie was disappointing and terrible, not to mention, too morbid and inappropriate for kids. PS. We still completed the Happy Meals from McD’s of these films. Haha!

But here comes the film, Sing. I was in awe. The film was nothing but inspiring. It is heart warming and very positive, like you should never give up kind of thing. Never stop believing, never stop believing. Dream big and do something about it. Being Honest. It also reminds us parents, to believe in our children, to accept and support our children in whatever path they want to take, even as simple as encouraging them to pursue whatever hobby they have in mind. Team work. Facing your fears. Don’t be full of yourself, stay humble. Be your own person, who don’t need to rely to someone for you to be complete. If there’s a will, there’s way. You have to work hard in order for you to be successful. Lastly, family is everything.

So yeah, bring your kids to watch the movie, it’s so worth it!


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