Hi-5 Fairytale

It was a big surprise when my sister called me up this morning to tell me to dress up, FAST and we will fly to Resorts World Manila to watch Hi-5 Fairytale. I wasn’t really looking forward to watching Hi-5 this year. But I’m thankful for the opportunity.

First and foremost, I am quite excited to meet the two new boys. Lachie (who wasn’t able to join because he has to promote with the new cast and I forgot the name who took his place for the Manila shows) and Chris. Seeing and meeting the new cast members is a treat.

The show itself was a series of our favorite fairy tale stories like Sleeping Beauty and Jack and the Beanstalk with Hi-5 twist which was narrated by our favorite chatterbox, Chats!

Makes us all giddy and smiling when they sang all our favorite Hi-5 songs and songlets, as well as hearing their new songs. Yay for the Traveling Bugs!

The giant Jupjup was epic, as well as meeting his whole family.

Watching Hi-5 live shows has always been a part of our yearly activities from the year Coco became so addicted to them in early 2014. That is why, we always grab the chance to watch their live shows whenever they are in Manila, especially the mall shows – we were never absent! Hi-5 Fairytale was fantastic, spectacular, magical, nostalgic.

But all good things has to end, in order to open another beautiful beginning. As Dayen, Mary and Tanika bids farewell to all their much loved, Hi-5ers. Yes, another Hi-5 generation has ended. We will miss you three, but I’m sure you’ll do great in whatever new paths you will take. Just like with what I said to Stevie exactly a year ago, you’ll always be our Hi-5, the Hi-5 we all love and became friends with. You three and Ainsley (since we didn’t get to say goodbye to him properly) will always have a special place in our hearts. You guys will forever be Hi-5 – see, just log on to Youtube or tune in to Disney Jr – and we will see you there. Tanika! See you on Stevie’s next Manila tour aye? Here’s our last Hi-5 meet and greet picture with them.

We also welcome the new generation of Hi-5 cast members – Bailey, Courtney, Joe, Shay and Lachie (who replaced Stevie last year). Can’t wait to watch their Hi-5 version!

Thank you so much for our tickets Dayen – twas a farewell + early Christmas gift gift to us. We will surely miss you. Come visit Manila again, ok?


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