Cosmic Kidz, Mall of Asia

First of all, the area for the kids was so far far far away from “civilization”. We had to walk all the way to the back to be able to reach the “kids area” of MOA. We were in the Krispy Kreme area, way up front of the mall. So, if you are going to Kids Universe, park by the Bay Area. What can we do, we have 3 kids to entertain. This should be one of the rare moments I am in MOA, so rare that I only go there if I have to meet up a really good friend, and yes, I met up with one of my best friends Karla and Jeff with their kids, Jaffie and Bella.

Anyway, Cosmic Kidz is just one of the play areas of Kids Universe. There’s also Tom’s World for the arcade and Tiny Town, for role playing. The kids chose Cosmic Kidz because of the different from the normal activities that they can do in it. It is a 4-level play area. Imagine what the kids can do in it?
Slides, ball pits, huge blocks, tunnels, climbing and sliding structure of different length, height and style, an inflatable ship, slingshot where they can ride and a lot more.

It is really, really big so make sure to watch out for your kids’ safety while they are playing inside. The playground attendants doesn’t really pay attention to the kids playing (they were just chitchatting). Plus the place has lots of tunnels and mazes that is why you should really keep an eye to where your child is going, before you lost him. My baby was kind of lost when we just arrived, I wasn’t done wearing my socks but he run to one of the stairs and he didn’t know where he was so he cried when he couldn’t see me and because of the many tunnels, I had a hard time finding him. I think this play place are for kids bigger than toddlers, because the toddlers won’t really enjoy and will easily get bored. What I like with the place is that it is completely padded which ensures the safety of the kids. Another thing that bothered me is the lighting. It wasn’t bright enough and it feels gloomy inside because of that, despite the laughter of the kids (please don’t mind the brightness of my pictures, I adjusted them before I posted it here). The cashier was too slow, a line was already building up. The biggest turn off is the rates. I was surprised that they were too high, more expensive than Active Fun ha, around Php25-85 depending on the number of hours playing. To think that their play place doesn’t even look new anymore.

The kids enjoyed playing that day in Cosmic Kidz, despite of my comments. Well, a play place is a play place. I just wish they could fix it a little because their place has so much potential, especially that they’re just one of the super few kids play area in MOA. Anyway, it was so tiring for us mothers but no biggie, our babies’ had fun.

Here are the rates:
30 minutes – Php200
1 hour – Php280
Half an hour extension – Php200
Unlimited – Php480
Non-playing Adult – Php120
Socks – Php50

*One Adult per kid
*Bring socks, because it is really expensive in there!

Cosmic Kidz is located at Ground floor of SM Mall of Asia (Bay Side)



    • oo kaaiba sya madaming pwedeng gawin. si jethro matutuwa yan sa big slide, kaso medyo nakakatakot eh, mag gaganun sana ako, nagback out ako hahahaha


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