A Spooky Halloween Adventure at Discovery Suites

Didn’t go TOT at the mall this year because I don’t want to roam the whole mall carrying Coco. I can’t bring a stroller because we’re just commuting. So I opted to go to our good old Halloween fun at Discovery Suites. More than a decade ago, I used to accompany my younger siblings and cousins to go Trick or treating here. It’s good to be back with my baby on tow this year.

We went down from our room at around 2PM for registration. Then we went to Restaurant 5 for some halloween buffet snacks. Buffet! Too bad, I didn’t get to take pictures of the food because I have a grumpy Harry Potter in tow.

Afterwards, we went to 41st floor, Magellan Function Room for the magic show and games. They also awarded the best costume afterwards. There were nail art and face painting booth that kept the kids busy while waiting for the show to start.

Coco as Harry Potter won Best in Costume. The mother is so happy, ecstatic! Because we won an overnight stay at our favorite hotel since forever! Sulit! But when Coco was about to go down the stage he cried. Why? I think he knows what a “winner” is already, since he also clapped when he was announced as the winner. And because they didn”t give anything to him and he saw toys at the side. They toys made him cry. haha!

We went to the 42nd floor after. At the Drake Function Room, there were game booths, cookie booth, pop corn booth, cotton candy booth, photobooth and caricature booth.

Then our last stop was at the Columbus ballroom. It was divided into 6 rooms, if I remember it right. It is a contest that has been going on since Discov started. Every department should create a themed booth. That’s where the kids went trick or treating too.

It was so fun as always. Can’t wait to go back next year!

Tip for next year: Activities were done in batches, it is better to come early so you’d be able to start immediately.


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