Dave’s Fun House, SM Megamall

I’ve always passed by Dave’s Fun House all those years that it had opened in Mega. I thought that it wasn’t really nice there and a cheap version of Kidzville (in my own opinion, pre-baby days). Now that I already have a baby, I wanted to try it too.

It was a weekday, so there wasn’t a lot of kids that day. What I like about the place was that, since it is small, you can see your child easily when he decides to run around the different areas. Having a small sized area has it’s advantage, really.

The toys were always arranged, and the staff will arrange them every now and then. The toys were really a lot, what ever item you can think of so a hospital or a salon, they have it. They were cleaned upon opening. But the staff cleaned some toys in an area while kids were playing. They shouldn’t clean them because they smell of their cleaning detergent were too strong.

The staff were very helpful – put your bags and shoes in a safe place, advise you to use the hand sanitizer, helped my son wear his socks (even if I can do it myself). I also like how they will interact with the kids and know the kids by name (even I they were wearing a name tag, but Coco was not facing them but they know him).

They have toys/activities for all ages. My son was pretty interested with “cooking” and playing at the fast food area, as well as riding the push cars. The big kids were busy with computer games and Wii (which I always hate in a play area that encourage role playing). Those who were a little bigger than Coco (maybe around 3-4 years old) loved playing dress up, with the different occupational costumes available. Coco loved the slide but to far to climb back, he had to run (of course, run!) back to the other side of the play area and then run again to the other slide to be able to slide down again. So, he was trying to climb up but of course he was sliding down since he was wearing socks.

I like how their child security policy is really strict. The guardian and fetcher (if you leave the child there without supervision)’s finger print is scanned 5 times. He/she has the only authority to pick up the child.

(to follow, i forgot to take note of it!)
Play Rates:
1 Hour –
Unlimited –
1 Hour –
Adult: Php 20

Don’t forget to bring socks. If you’re not prepared with one, they sell it for Php30 each.

Overall, we had fun playing in Dave’s Fun House – yes including me! I was Dr. Coco’s patient, customer in the fast food and then he also cooked by food and gave me a pillow. We’ll definitely come back soon!

Located at the 2F of SM Megamall A



  1. Hi,

    As I was searching for an indoor playground that I can potentially bring my son into, I found your article. My son just turned a year old and can barely walk. Do you think it’s best to let him play and explore DFH? Thank you fellow mom 🙂

    ~Mommy Mavs


    • Hello! sorry i just saw your comment.. well, i used to bring my son to gymboree when he was younger for active play – since he can climb, slide and crawl there. but when he was a bit bigger and more active, and has started to become interested with role playing, that’s when i started to bring him to DFH, since he’s more active – i dont have to run around the place, following him, its pretty small so i can him in all places if i seat in a certain area. then he can now play and use his imagination.


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