Ark Avilon 2014

My Coco has been showing signs that he likes animals. He loves the “bawd” (bird), “ah” (dog), “ha” (cat), “sssh” (sheep) and “pi” (pig). He loves watching me play Farmville that is why he knows the pig and sheep, as well as point where the cow is.

So, I brought my almost 16 months old toddler to the zoo today, to Ark Avilon (my Nth time).

I thought he will be very giddy and hyper. Sad to say, there was no fascination at all. I guess, he is too young that he still doesn’t know what the other animals were. Also, the huge animals like the lion, leopard, jaguar and the sun bear where, of course, inside their space which was kind of dark and boring to a baby. Plus they were all just seating down or sleeping, again too boring for him. Oh, and maybe he was also sleepy?

As you can see, he was just looking at them – poker face. Even if I showed him his birds, still got no reaction from him.

Not until we went up stairs and he saw the goat, the sheep and the pig. He was pointing at them and trying to make sounds.

Then, we tried feeding the rabbits, and that made him ecstatic!

Jenny the Orangutan finally came out. Again, no reaction from the little boy.

I really love going to Ark Avilon once in a while because of its coziness and it being an interactive zoo, you get to have an up close experience with the animals. But I got sad that you now have to pay to be able to take pictures with the animals. Plus there are so many mosquitoes now.

One day, I will bring Coco back to Ark Avilon. Then, he will be enjoying and be fascinated with the animals. He will ask me questions non-stop. He will then hold and feed the animals. One day, he will thank me for the great adventure that we had at Ark Avilon.

Address: Frontera Verde, Ortigas Avenue corner C-5, Pasig City (Behind Tiendesitas)
Tel. Nos.: (02) 706-2992 / (02) 706-2993 (Fax)
Operating Hours: Daily 9am-6pm
Entrance Fee:
– Regular Rate Php 300.00
– Below 3.5 feet is Php 200.00
– 20% discount for Senior Citizen and PWD
– Babies 12 months and below are free of charge
Other Rates:
– Picture taking with birds: Php50 / 2 shots (own camera) Daily 9am-12nn and 2pm-5pm
– Feed the carp: Php40 Daily 9am-6pm
– Orangutan picture taking: Php50 / 2 shots (own camera) Daily except Mondays 9am-12nn and 1:30pm-5pm
– Picture taking with the snake: Php50 / 2 shots (own camera) Daily 9am-12nn and 2pm-5pm
– Feed the Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Goat, Sheep: Php40 Daily 9am-6pm


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