28, Happy and Fulfilled

I was a bit sad a few hours before midnight a while ago. I don’t have any other plans for my birthday unlike the past years. My best friends are mostly out of the country, or are out of town for work.

And then my bestfriend, Aimee called a few minutes past 12 via Skype. This girl never fails to make me feel so special. That is why I love her so much, no one really, would/could replace her. Here’s some lovin’ all the way from Dubai.
 photo bdayskypeaimee.jpg
And then my facebook page got busy. Thank you so much to everyone who greeted me via Facebook and Instagram.

And then there will still be those few people who will greet you via SMS in this “era”. Those people are the ones who remembers your birthday even without Facebook reminding them – but of course my other best friends – my kuya carlo (kape day when?) and my PF girls.

My hubby didn’t go to work for me. He surprised me with chocolate ice cream too! Ate Janet the manicurista came for my ManiPed treat early in the morning and hubby capped the day with a full body massage from our resident masahista.

We also brought Coco to the Zoo (Arc Avilon), his first time.

Then went to Eastwood for my birthday dinner with my family.

There is no reason to be sad at all. Here they are, the people who I love the most and the people who loves me the most.


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