Coco’s 12th month Photoshoot by Nice Print

To complete our first year photo shoot, of course we still had it at Nice Print. Luckily, for the first set, he was in the mood. So we were able to take so many great shots for his Pixar’s Up theme set, as Russel of course.

During the 2nd set, he was crying already. Maybe he was already very tired and his teddy costume was hot, I guess. Sorry baby. That’s the last time you will be wearing that! Well, he never fail to have crying shots in our NP shoots, this is to complete his tradition. haha!

Happy again on the 3rd set. My little chef is now back in action giving us his best smiles.

My Little Man during his 4th set, sneaking a shot me me and mommy too.

Thank you Nice Print for always being patient to Coco.



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