Coco’s First Theater Experience c/o PETA

My sister insisted that Coco and I go to PETA with her today because her colleagues were dying to see Coco. It was also her boyfriend’s “Ang Mga Kwento ni Lola Basyang” show so we watched it as well.

It was a show for kids, that the theater is full of kids. We were seated at the back part, Coco, Mom and I.

The show started with Lola Basyang speaking to the kid audience, asking them questions and the kids answered in chorus. At my area, is a little boy, also very madaldal, responding to what ever Lola Basyang was saying. And then the show begun. Since it was a musical, little Coco was very focused as he really loves listening to

Coco at Lola Basyang’s rocking chair

music and watching people. He was very interested. He didn’t cry even if it’s dark. He was also giggling when the kids were laughing. I wonder if he understands it?

Vic’s story was the first of the 3 stories of Lola Basyang – Ang Prinsipe na Mahaba ang Ilong. Coco was very attentive and focused. I was telling him that the prince is his Tito Vic. I’m not sure if he knows that, or he understood me. But after Vic’s story, he kinda cried and got bored. By the third story, he was already asleep.

Amazing how simple their set was but they were able to do a lot of things with it. Even adults like me would really enjoy the show. It was magical.

I grew up watching plays at Repertory Philippines. It’s really a nice bonding with your kids… parang nabuhay kasi yung mga nasa story book. I want Coco to grow up watching plays as well, not only by the ones made by PETA, but of course, by Rep too.


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