Happy Fifth Month, our dear Marcus Angelo!

I still can’t believe I now have you in my life my baby boy. It’s only been 5 months since you were born but I feel that I’ve known you for forever. And up until now, hindi pa rin nagsisink in. Every day is still a cloud 9 with you.

Ang dami-dami mo ng alam at gusto at pinaggagagawa. Sobrang nakakatuwa how this little boy progresses.

You’ve been trying you roll over, but exactly the day you turned 4 months, you were finally able to do it. And since then, there’s no stopping you, even while you are sleeping! You know I am annoyed every time you try to roll over when you are having a nap because you always wake up after a successful turn. But during night time, you sleep soundly when lying in your tummy. You are so happy when you play with Wormie and Meow – your favorite Lamaze toy. You also love to play with your bolster and hug your bolster when asleep. I finally got to see a smile on your face when I try to play Peekaboo with you. Smile lang, wala pang hagikhik, at least hindi na poker face. But then, before you turned 5, you started to finally get the grasp of what Peekaboo is! Sobrang kilig ako when you hugged me while we were sleeping. That’s the best feeling in the world. You have very strong bones, you can really stand now, but hindi pa rin nakakabalance (we’ll get to that soon). When we say the word “pasyal” – you giggle and smile and is very happy about it. Alam na kanino nagmana! You also know how to make “sama” to ate ruby, to mama, to me and to your daddy by raising your arms. I gave you two teethers. I you played with it for a few minutes, the other, you threw it. You also discovered your feet and you always put it up. The first time your daddy let you seat by the steering wheel, you know what it was and what to do with it, and you were very happy. Even if you were sick! And when you had a fever I was really really worried with you but I know you’ll be well in no time.

Your Mama Malou gave you a Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair plus a baby carrier, while your Nanay Eva and Tatay Caloy gave you a crib for your 5th month. Me and your daddy didn’t buy anything for you because I already splurged it all to buy you your cloth diapers!

You are very lucky baby. You are loved by many. Me and your daddy loves you so much as well. Happy 5th month my little one, I can’t wait for the new things you’ll learn this month!


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