Welcome to the Christian World, Marcus Angelo!

I’ve been preparing Coco’s Baptism since even before I got pregnant. Haha. Finally, it’s now finished. Everything that I have dreamed, expected, happened, came and materialized. Thanks to everyone who came, to my mom who helped me with the preparations and of course, ang financier, my hubby!

We came in as early as 9AM because we had to set up the candy+dessert buffet. I was surprised to see the St. Matthew/Mark function hall already prepped up when we came.

When the ceremony was about to begin (at almost 12NN), Coco cried because he was already hungry and sleepy. LOL Ka-panic! Parang I was.. what!!! We’re about to begin. But the officiating priest was very kind to wait for Coco to finish nursing before we begin.

Coco was very happy to be welcomed to the Christian World, for he was smiling and giggling during the ceremony. (Please hover your pointer over the images to see the caption)

These are Coco’s God Parents. Thank you for being part of our first born’s life, as one of his god parents. We are grateful that you spent today with us.

Not in picture but attended: Ninong Noel Nicolas, Ninong JR Vinluan & Ninong Benedict Macabuhay

Those who couldn’t make it: Ninang Jen Calalang, Ninang Holly Ann Coloma, Ninang Keith Cortes, Ninang Raina Reyes & Ninong Jeff Saavedra (are abroad); Ninong Chad Hemady, Ninang Ann Yoshida, Ninang Danica Caceres, Ninong Ryan Duarte, Ninong Janvier Gener, Ninong Christopher Raro & Ninong John Josafat (are at work)

Right after the ceremony we shared good food, as well as good laughs.

Again, we’d like to thank everyone who came and celebrated with us, for your gifts of toys, clothes, baby things, money and most especially love.

For Coco’s Christening Suppliers, please check it here.
For Coco’s Pre-Christening Photo shoot, please check it here.
For Coco’s Christening Photo shoot, please check it here.


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