My New Addiction

I’ve been glued on One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and 90210 for the past years, and every season gets better and better. One Tree Hill is about to end too and it sucks.

But there’s something new that I enjoy watching these days.

Raising Hope is a critically acclaimed comedy program on Fox. Hope is the product of Jimmy’s one-night stand with a wanted felon, whom his mother, Virginia, helped capture and send to prison. Virginia and her husband, Burt, who had Jimmy at the tender age of 15, find themselves back in the baby game – but now with their granddaughter, they have a chance to get it right. The Chances live with Jimmy’s great-grandmother, Maw Maw. Once the rock of the family, she now forces everyone to stay on their toes. Jimmy is also in loved with a girl named Sabrina who works at Howdy’s Grocery Market.

“You can’t worry about how the world sees you, it only matters how the people in your world see you” – Jimmy

New Girl is Jessica “Jess” Day, bubbly girl who is trying to get over her breakup with her boyfriend after he cheats on her. She finds a new place to stay when she moves in with three guys: Nick, a bartender; Schmidt, a professional and modern-day Casanova; and Winston, a former basketball player. Rounding out this unlikely bunch is Jessica’s street-smart model friend Cece.

“I could pretend to be more like you, Jess, and live on a sparkly rainbow and drive a unicorn around and just sing all the time.”   – Nick

I’m really fond of watching these series this days and I’m always looking forward for it’s new episodes. I love how they are stress free and fun. I feel good when I’m watching them. Jess is so cute and naive. I love how the Chance family loves each other no matter what they have and don’t, no matter what happens.

So if you want something new, take your pick! Let me know what you think of these shows too. ahright? 😉


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