With books, you get carried away

As what Owl (of Winnie the Pooh’s) said, “Books keep you company when you’re alone. Books takes you places that you’ve never known. With books you can soar, travel far afield and astray, to place that you’ve never been to before with books you get carried away”

If you’re my friend, you know how I love reading – especially, fiction books, love stories, romance novels, biography books, etc. I get easily engrossed in a certain book that you’d actually not hear from me the whole day because I was trying my best to finish the book.

When I’m alone at home or in some place and I have no one to talk to, I read a book. It’s the best companion I ever had. I wouldn’t be bored as long as I have a book in hand. If I know that I am going somewhere and I know that I will be waiting for a long time, Isee to it that I bring a book along.

Did you know that I’ve already been in North Carolina, in Genovia, in Hogwarts. I’ve been in a lot of places already. I can fly, I can ride a broom. I am a vampire. I am a princess. I’m best friends with Harry, Ron and Hermione.

But I haven’t left the four corners of my room and I am still me.

RIGHT! Just my imagination!

That’s what reading books do to us. It takes us to places, it lets us meet people and feel and experience life.

I’m currently reading:

One Day is a love story which spans in twenty years, about Emma and Dexter, who met after college. This shares about their experiences together and mostly apart. What’s ironic is how the story evolves on only one day in a year, every July 15th. This is about growing up – how we change, how we stay the same.

What is your current read or the next book you’re gonna read about? Care to share your latest reads?


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