Christmas Gift-Wrapping

I hate cramming when it comes to purchasing for Christmas gifts and wrapping them as well.

Imagine I have 13 nieces+1 nephew (and I’m godmother to 5 of those/Jhe’s godfather to one of those;nieces composed of my cousins’ children, my brother and my sis/bro-in-law’s girls). To top that, I’m ninang to 13 other kids (5 of them I share with Jhe) and Jhe’s ninong to another 6 kids. I also give 9 other kids whom are either a sibling of my godchild or child of my godsisters whom I’m really close to. So all in all, I’m giving gifts to almost 40 kids this year! OMGGGGGGG!!!

Anyway, I start my Christmas shopping as early as October.Coz I don’t really like the Christmas rush. Another things is, I don’t want to finish all my cash in one seating. At least, I can still have extra money after I go shopping.

In wrapping, I normally just use the wrappers that my mom buys from Divisoria. But last year, she took home from her office green “paper bags”. It’s actually the packaging of a rim of bond paper. She brought home this year as well.

Not only I use recycled paper for wrapping my presents but also it saves a lot of time in wrapping. It is already in paper bag form, I just have to staple the top to close the gift.

Here are most of the gifts I will be giving out this Christmas 🙂 Hope the kiddos will love them.

With much love, Ninang Margx and Ninong Jhe xoxo


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