#Good Night One Tree Hill – FILMING

Okaay.. my heart & eyes have been very heavy this past few days with the tweet countdown of my favorite people regarding their final days of filming.. #icry

The end is near, and it is now..
#GoodNightOneTreeHill for the filming.. we’ll see each other again on January 11, 2012..

9 years. 187 eps. Over 8k scenes. Millions of amazing fans. 6,471,818,671 people in the world, and sometimes all you need is #OneTreeHill, and this will always be my home.

“I found a stillness and a bravery in myself with you. You make me brave. And I will love you #OTH until the end of time.” “Till Kingdom come, Always & Forever” ♥
#ThankYou- Nathan Scott, Haley James Scott, Jamie & Lydia Scott, Brooke Davis-Baker, Julian Baker, Jude & Davis Baker, Quinn James, Clay Evans, Mouth MacFadden, Millie Huxtable, Lucas Scott, Peyton Sawyer Scott, Sawyer Scott, Whitey, Dan Scott, Deb Scott, Karen Roe, Keith Scott, Lily Scott, Chase Adams, Mia Catalano, Skills Taylor, Junk & Fergie, Jake & Jenny Jagielski, Rachel Gatina, Alex Dupre, Sam Walker, Victoria Davis, Larry Sawyer, Royal & May Scott, Lydia James, Taylor James, Richard Davis…. and most of all Mark Schwan ♥

Today is the last day of filming November 16, 2011 US Time

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