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If something was really important, fate made sure it somehow comes back to you, and gave you another chance. – that’s me to him”

Exactly a year ago, unexpectedly and to everyone’s surprise, Angelo and I got back together.

It all started with our closeness during Simbang Gabi.
Our walang sawang texting magdamagan.
Owel’s birthday.
Texting each other exactly the same time, because we suddenly felt like texting one another.
Heart to heart talks that sometimes turn as “he’s trying to win me back talk”, that I refuse to.

Came January 3, 2010 – our supposed 10th year anniversary – he was teasing me, “tara date tayo” and he didn’t thought that papayag ako. But I can’t that day because I’m picking up my friend Jen since we’re going to Boracay the next day. So, sabi ko pagbalik ko na lang. We will celebrate, we’re friends naman eh diba?

So, we were texting and texting, and so our date was gonna be on the 13th of January 2010 – disclosing all the details in this date – but the midnight of that, he asked, if he could register to my unli – yes, just like unlitxt in Globe. So, I don’t know what I was thinking, maybe I want him back too (despite the fact that I’ve totally moved on from him for 6 years already). I said, “your unli has been registered, good for 24 hours” But I didn’t even lift the “expiration”.. I just felt so good with him. We’re so good together.

We were each other’s first, so young and naive. We were apart for 6 years. It’s like we just prepared for each other’s future and our future together during the years that we we’re apart.

So, I guess, this is what true love is. Everything about his past didn’t matter to me, as long as I’m his present and future – well actually, I’m the past, the present, the future and forever.

Margaux and Angelo – never again will part.

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