Day 03- A picture of you and your friends

Buffalo Negro:

In pic: Gian+Jen, Danica+Erwin, Milca+Sandel, Margx+Jhelo, To Osep, Owel, JV
Not in pic: Christian+Maan, Ken, Alvin, 2pe+Mich, Gilbert

My barkada since 1999, gradeschool days whom I met in our church. But not all of them ha? Hehe! Just the 4 guys in front. They’ve been in my life since then, I wasn’t only Jhe’s “princess” but also with the other 4 boys when they haven’t got their girls yet. The group just grew and grew without me knowing it because I was “lost” from the group when Jhe and I broke up. But I love these people to bits.

Pretty Friends:
In pic: Loraine+Mon, Seska, Deo, Margx+Jhe, Aimee+Bry, Kix
Not in pic: Mitch+Soc

My highschool barkada and bestfriends for life, shempre yung girls lang diba? Friends since June 2000. Although I was classmates with Seska SY 97-98 and with Loraine and Mitch SY 1999-2000 (and was also barx with them at that time), it was in our freshmen year in Highschool where our friendship, our barkada was founded. These are the girls in my life that knows almost everything about me, whom I can tell everything and anything. They’re the best girl friends you’ll ever have – and we’ve got the best boyfriends too. 😛


Maian, Jen, Karen, Karla and Margx

Our friendship started with the ABS-CBN show Berks that we love dearly. We are all in this online yahoo group and that’s were we bonded. It didn’t stop there because, we moved on from our favorite show to our own lives. The show ended but our friendship remained. Even without seeing each other then, there was trust and love. We crossed borders and oceans, we met up in US of A (when I went there in 2006 and where 3 of them lives and Jen flew from Canada). We may not see each other always nor talk to each other, for us, distance isn’ta barrier to a friendship that lasts forever.

The Elites:

In pic: Jhe+Margx, Frap and baby girl, Edge, Rei and Uchan, Babu
Not in pic: Liezl, Marco,Myk+Leli

I also met my other bestfriend in, my frap, in 2005. She’s been my best friend since then. I guess this barkada was formed when she entered a relationship with another Teentalker and later became her husband. It ended with her hubby’s bestfriends and me and frap. For the past years, I’ve always been the Nth wheel because I have no significant other. But this year, not anymore. Haha! I’m in! :))


In pic: Jp, Gretch, Margx & Cat
Not in pic: Rap, Marlon, Gene and Mike

I met Cathy and Mike way back 2004 in UA&P. Cat and I both transferred to Thames in 2005. Mike followed a year after. Cat and I met Gretch (we have the same course) and first bonded at the unforgettable Total in Calle Industria. Since then, we were inseparable Tres Chikas. Originally, with Rap and Marlon but the former’s no where to be found, Marlon’s in UK. Gene and JP added up during our AIESEC days and Mike followed next. In the picture, that’s what’s left of us, 2010 picture, where Gene and Mike couldn’t come. The good times we missed, wherever each of us will go – Rap, Marlon and Gretch in UK, Cathy in Malaysia, Gene and Mike still in ESA, JP in Batangas – it will always be “Grr got yer back!”

The Actresses:

I met Roxanne and Pat way back 2004 – SCQ days. As we all know, Roxanne was 4th placer. I wasn’t a fan but it was my sister who was. But I find her really pretty and charming. I was an active PEXer where Rox’s bff, Pat is also active. I knew I met Pat there. But I met Roxanne during one of her ASAP guestings where Kuya (Carlo) was also a guest. We lost communication for a while but we got to see each other accidentally through the years. Same story with our other friends, Kim, ate Gi and Mary, we all met in PEX. But it wasn’t until 4 years after that we became reaaaaaaaally close. – The Actresses as we call us. From Heart’s Palmolive commercial line, “Actress Ako!” And that same year, we also met Inah. And thanks to this, I found my pinkyswear. In this kind of friendship, you’ll see how status nor fame didn’t affect in any way the friendship we have.


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