Zero Seat Sales

Finally I was able to hit one seat sale from Cebu Pacific – Destination Cebu by January 2010. You just have to be really patient in getting the flight that you want. Imagine I got P100+ worth ticket for a one way for 2. Woaaaah. Oooohlala the cheap thrills. Now I just have to get us a ticket from Cebu-MNL coz Yeah, what I got was only a one way ticket right?

I have to commend Cebu Pacific for having a lot of payment methods. I’m not sure when it started, but the last time I tried to book a flight with CebuPac, wala pa yung payment method – to pay sa banks. I’d use my credit card anytime, but when I was in the payment step, oops. No AmEx. And that’s my only credit card. I was gonna curse na sana, when I saw the other payment method and saw BDO. Ang saya. Walking distance. Upon printing my form, I went straight to BDO and paid for our ticket to Cebu. Yahoo!

The only problem is, how will I know if my flight’s confirmed? Since in my paper, it says STATUS: On Hold. I haven’t yet received an email from Cebu Pac. Or maybe I’ll receive them tomorrow. Yahoo! I’m so excited for next year, the last time I was in Cebu was 2006 – AIESEC Days. I want to experience Cebu without work this time. Weeehooo!

Lucky me, I’m one of the lucky people to get a zero seat sale! yey!


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