A little bit of Inspiration from my Papa

Last night before sleeping, I decided to email my Papa about last week’s happenings. I told him about sharing the blessings I have, my recent Baguio trip and the *wish* I wanted to get in to.

Here’s what I got from him when I woke up this morning, really really inspired me, hope you get inspired as well:

Let me tell you something about opening the faucet for others to quench their thirst. Life and the blessings you gain is like a faucet you need to open for others to drink. Bible historical account, 1 returns to you 10 fold. These is not just money but time, knowledge, or just about anything you can share is 10 fold that will come back as a blessing, be it money or otherwise. So continue to open your faucet and he will take care of you. I am and will be asking HIM to give you what you ask for…… remember, Mathew 7:7…Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and the door shall be opened to you….. Hence, you will have to ask this and we all will be praying for these for you. And in the same token, keep the faucet open………. you will see. That’s one mystery in the making you will experience all the time. How the blessings will flow your way…….


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