I Love You 2010, Goodbye 2009!

2009 went by so fast, ano? 2010 is so close, I can almost taste it!

I don’t even know how to write my year-end review. I don’t really remember anything. Haha! Parang all I remember are work, work and more work. But looking at it closely, there’s Boracay times Two. Ondoy. 3 postponed US Trips (haha! kaluoy!). Deaths of famous people. My Business. Weddings of 3 cousins and a friend. Politically aware of what’s happening in our country. Now a Registered Voter and a Tax Payer. Drunken Nights. 4 New babies (Wiwo, Jaffie, Lanabanana & Wynter). OMG The year I cut my HAIR VERY SHORT! I had a TV EXPOSURE via US Girls. And lastly, I was very anti-social. Hahaha!!!

I never made resolutions. But I remember saying once that I have to do “this” and “that” and I’m overly glad, I was able to do it. So, instead of making our yearly resolutions that we don’t actually follow, why not celebrate our achievements in the year that has gone, aye?

Happy New Year!
Happy New You!
New beginnings to make everything right.
New memories to create and share with our love ones.

Thanks to everyone who’ve been part of my crazy 2009.
So, let’s start the year right and spread the LalalaLove!

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