Shopping's Just a Tip: Divisoria

Christmas is just around the corner, 48 days? That’s why a lot of people have already started their annual Christmas shopping. I, myself has already started. With my dozen baby girls and boys, I don’t want to cram on when December climbs in.

Many people go to Divisoria to buy cheap Christmas gifts. Don’t get me wrong, not all that they sell there are “markety” or cheap looking stuff. If you just know where you are going, you’ll find where the good finds there.

Today, my mom and I went there. It’s not new for me going there since my business requires me to go there often. But it’s my first time going there on an afternoon on this kind of month. I really freaked out. First off, from LRT station, it took us almost 2 hours getting to Tutuban. Normally, it’s just a 5-10 mnute ride depending on the traffic. We should have walked our way na lang. The jeepney didn’t bring us near Ilaya because right there in Tutuban, the roads are already closed. It turns out that during this time of the year, the roads are closed and vendors are allowed to sell at the middle of the streets. And can I just say, you don’t need to walk anymore because of people will just push you and flow with all the people beside you. Dami tao as in!!! Well, my fault that we had to go there in the afternoon, I have classes eh.

Just a tip, if you really have to go to Divisoria, go there early in the morning when there’s still few people arriving. At least you will be able to do and buy lot’s of stuff, you’ll have more time. At hindi ka masasaraduhan, like what happened to me. daym. That’s why I have to go back pa. grr. Anyway, I’m really going back naman. It’s fine.

So good luck with everyone’s Christmas shopping! Start now! And I hope you will find good finds for your loved ones. Be it in Divisoria or in the malls. Remember, it’s the thought that counts. (:

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