All the SiNGLE LADiES, Please stand up!

For the record, I missed 3 weddings this year – my ate twin and tibor which was in Tampa; the civil wedding of my kuya amiel and anna and the renewal of vows of my grand aunt and uncle, auntie lilit and uncle tony in Hayward.

So, it’s our friend, Mike and her girlfriend, Aleli’s wedding. The first time I met the bride was during the photo op in the church. Haha! Anyway, as early as now (because by the next paragraph I’ll be talking and talking na, and I might forget!), I’d like to congratulate and wish you both a good luck to your new life. I wish you both all the happiness in the world, I also wish that you’ll have your cute babies soon! haha! And I’m honored to witness the most special day of the rest of your lives. Keep the fire of LOVE burning! HAPPY 8 years too!

I’ve been to two this year, today’s my 17th wedding attended my whole life. From the number, it’s my first time to actually join the Bouquet Toss! Wedding receptions and traditions’ most fun part is the catching of the bouquet/garter. The bride has to gather all the single ladies attending their wedding, then she turns her back and tosses the bouquet/garter into the air. Legend has it that the single lady who catches it will be the next one to get married. I was just eating my mallows coated with chocolate from the choco fountain then, my name was announced. My friends put me on the spot. I haven’t experience this kind of thing and it’s my friend’s wedding, so why not right?
During this wedding, it was different. The guys had to do the limborak, the first guy to touch the cloth will be the GUY. The girls, on the otherhand, had to fight their way to get the garter. We were 7 girls, and the garter has to be thrown 6 times. Every girl to get the garter will be eliminated. I tried my very best to snatch the garter from the girls but in the end, it’s them who gets it, that’s why I was the GIRL of the night.
I have my own bouquet. Then, the GUY have to put on the garter on my leg using his mouth/teeth. Legend has it that the higher the garter, the happier the marriage life of the couple will be. So, they were shouting, “higher! higher!” It was already reached pass my knees. Then, the bride said “Stop na!” Haha! Laugh trip, so ganun level lang yung happiness nila? I was willing to go for it, just for them. But anyway. LOL. So be it.

I was so nervous on what the host will ask us to do. Buti na lang simple things lang na keri ko naman. But it was fun while it lasted. The question is, will I be the next to walk down the aisle? PALAISIPAN.


  1. i know munch!! kung pwede lang eh =)) nyahahahahahahaha!! ouchie lol!oo nga para flower girl din si bella. and for the record i have 11 flowers girls =)) waaaaaaaaah ang dami! =))


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