First Day Funk*

For the nth time, I’m welcoming my “first day in school” for the term. I was gonna be there early dapat but when I was about to log out, Auntie Grace (who’s in Cali) called our landline to tell me to go online in facebook. Then, I was about to log out na talaga when Ate Ruth (who’s in FL) messaged me in facebook. Kaloka.

So I was in school just 20 minutes before our class. We’re just 4 in class awhile ago, typical venture initiation class with Sir Pax. Last year, when I first enrolled in this class with my Qpids business. I was so scared that I dropped the subject because I’m not yet ready with my business. This time I’m happy because I feel relaxed and at ease because I know that I’m already ready.

Yeah I remember, I was looking for my classroom awhile ago, when a familiar looking guy went out of a classroom. Sir GI!!!! OMG! I was so ecstatic that I literally hugged him. Sir Gi is one of the professors in school that became a friend of mine. I’m happy he’s back, even just for Sociology.

I’ll keep on welcoming my remaining “first days” in school because I won’t be having those na after graduation.

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