Wedding Bells

Do you know why I simply adore my favorite actress, Anne Curtis’ primetime show, The Wedding? It is because I can see myself in her, in how she loves, in how she’s been waiting for her One Great Love and how she’s so into weddings. Like Candice, while every little girls I know were dreaming of their perfect debut party for their 18th birthday, this little girl dreamt of her perfect wedding. I’ve been dreaming of that faithful day when I will be walking down the aisle, all eyes on me, the love of my life waiting for me at the end and staring at me. And almost every year, I keep on editing my wedding entourage, including the groom. haha!
I’ve been to at 16 weddings in the 23 years that I am alive. I’ve been the littlest flower girl of my Uncle Edwin & Auntie Lorie’s Wedding at the age of 3, to being the bride’s maid and what not. I was also an absentee Maid of Honor too. I was also a guest and I was also an absent guest. I’ve wore every color and every kind of design of gown that you could think of. That makes me the Jane Nichols (27 Dresses)’s of the Philippines.

I love weddings. I love attending weddings. I don’t care if it is magarbo or not. It makes me more giddy if I am have a special part during the ceremony. I feel extra special because I was chosen by the couple to be part of their special day. I feel special to be able to witness their profession of their undying love. I’ve been dreaming of my wedding day on that faithful day with my sweetheart since the day that I knew about love. Even if I don’t know who he is or who he will be. I’ve been a singleton for the last 5 years. I remember Jane Nichol’s said, “Weddings are the best time that you forget that you are single.” I almost, always literally forget I am.

During weddings, I look at the bride and see how beautiful she is, but the person that i really look at is the groom because his face says it all. And have you noticed it? The bride’s extra pretty and the groom’s extra handsome on THEIR day. It’s because of LOVE. It’s because of the happiness they feel because they have each other. They’re very much in love that you feel happy about the love love feeling it also gives you, that’s why you forget that he has her and she has him and you don’t have someone. ouch. I remember Lucas Scott told Brooke Davis in One Tree Hill, “That’s what’s so great about weddings, two people come together and even it is just for one night they make us believe in love again.” True much right?

Still, this little grown girl is dreaming of her perfect wedding in the right moment with the right man. It’s always been at the back of my mind, wishing that my dreams would finally come true. Me and my forever will finally have our one faithful day of the first day of the rest of our lives. I believe in that. I know that. Even if it takes me years in the waiting.

Flower girl blues. I don’t remember how I was when I was a flower girl. I don’t remember if I was bored or was makulit. Maybe I wasn’t because I have my ates with me as flower girls too.
Last night, I met KC. She’s my cousin’s daughter. I haven’t met or I don’t remember some of my cousins/and other relatives from my dad’s side, so yesterday at the wedding, was sort of a reunion) She’s one of the cutest little girl I’ve ever met. She acts like a little lady which made her the cutest. We were in line for the photobooth. KC randomly told me, “I like your dress, it’s beautiful” I said, “Aww.. thanks” that line made me notice that little girl. She again told me, “Can you give it to me when you’re older?” I said, “Sure“. She was dancing with her Oppa the whole night. After awhile, I saw her alone near the steps of the stage. I asked her why she is alone. She said, “no one wants to play with me” I feel sorry for the kid. How will she enjoy when the place if full of dancing teens and adults. So I said, “Come let’s play!” So we walked around the lobby of One Esplanade and had our photos taken at the photobooth and we talked and talked. Aww. That really made my day. As long as I can remember, since I’m older already, I didn’t care much of those little girls in their tiny gowns since I don’t know them naman. I realized this is how little flower girls feel during weddings. awww.. Was I like this before? I remember a picture of mine na nakabusangot. LOL. hahahaha!

Congratulations to my newly wed cousins, kuya Michael and ate Francis Mai Reyes!

*parts of this blog was originally posted in my Multiply blog February 2008.



  1. True po yan. Nakaka excite pumunta sa mga weddings lalo na po kapag may part ka sa ceremony.. buti nga po kayo ilng beses na po nakadalo ng kasal eh ako meron sa sa pinsan ko po dati di naman po ako pinayagan ng boss ko.. 😁 at saka kahit ako po gusto ko rin ikasal kaso suntok po sa buwan eh.. 😁


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