Short Hair.. Don’t Care!

My classmate, kuya John who hasn’t seen me for ages asked me why I cut my hair short. He asked, “Are you in pain?” I immediately answered, “NO!” He asked again, “then why did you cut your hair so short?” I told him that it just happened. I walked in the salon and told the hairdresser to cut it like the one in the picture. I liked it. I felt good with my short hair. That’s why when I felt that it’s getting longer again, I cut it short again.

my first short haircut since I don’t remember,       April 2009
My July 2009 short hair cut

But with our conversation awhile ago about my short hair. I decided not to cut my hair this short again until graduation day (which is around June or July 2010). It is because I want my hair long for my graduation picture!

My longest hair, Suddenly miss it.          July 2007

Excited much? Gaux you just submitted your new EnScan Paper. It was just approved awhile ago too. You have to submit your Planning paper in order for you to be able to go to the next step okay? Haha!

Time to work my butt! Juggle my orders and making my Planning paper! Wish me luck!



  1. Eep! Long hair! I wish I kept mine! Oh well .. 🙂 It'll grow back for sure!Natawa naman ako sa pic mo with your longest hair, kailangan umiinom ? LOLGood luck on everything you need to do ! *wink.kiss*


  2. laki ng bawas ano? oh yes! it will grow back.. it's actually growing fast.. yung haircut ko nun July, it's longer than my haircut last april na! yay!wala kasi akong makita na longest hair ko eh, pagtingin ko sa photobucket ko nakita ko yan hahahaha!thanks! i need all the luck dearie!


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