25 facts about me

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So here’s my 25, I’ve been tagged by loads of friends and its just now that I took time to think about my 25.

1. Last year, I accidentally discovered my knack in writing. I’ve been writing for all of my life, but its just last year when I felt that it is my passion. I love writing poems and essays and blogs and what not. I write real good when I am really inspired. If not, I won’t be able to write. Major writer’s block. For the recent editorial I have to write for issue 4 of my school’s paper, New Order, it took me the whole Christmas break before I was able to write one. But one time, some idea just entered my mind and after 20 minutes, it’s done. haha. Someday, I want to write in a publication.

2. My biggest frustration is to compose a song and play the guitar. I like them but they don’t like me. I tried playing the guitar when I was younger, even had a blue one. Pero wala talaga eh. sniff. But I’m proud to say that I was able to play one song, This I Promis You by NSync.

3.I love going to bookstores: National Bookstore, Best Sellers, Fully Booked, Powerbooks. Kahit san. I’d spend hours there. And I won’t go out of the store without a book in my hand. haha. My PF said that I have a mini library in my room. I get disappointed when someone borrows a book and that someone doesn’t take care of it or doesn’t return it to me.

4. I love my nieces. I love buying things for them. I love playing with them. I love feeding them. I’ve got Caitlyn, Cammie, Sam, Nicole(cousin), Kim and Sky. When  I was 15, I was so happy when my cousin gave birth to Caitlyn. She was our first baby but I haven’t seen her & her sister Cammie until last December (all grown up). Sam is my first baby coz she’s here. I love my girls to bits. Of course, I love my kuya’s daughters too, Mieke and Sakki. All the girls are my angels. My cousin will have a baby girl soon. (: They’re all the prettiest little girls in the world. Mana sa ate margaux nila. Yes. They call me ate. I’m ninang also to Nicole, Kim, Sky and will be ninang to the new baby girl.

5. I think I’m the girl with the most number of godchildren. I’ve got 4 from #4 plus 6 and another two from my friends soon. so total of 12. That explains why I’m always broke. yay.

6. My self-actualization is when I finish writing a book about my family – Hemady. We just have a very amazing history. It’s roots are from Lebanon. And in addition to that, I’ve always wanted to complete my family’s geneology. I want to make a family tree!

7. I have a new habit. I now sleep in the afternoon. I’m praying that I could still grow a few inches. haha. Nah. I’m just always tired. hehe.

8. My most prized possession aside from everything that you can see in my room is a Disney Dollar. Even if it’s just one Disney Dollar. I don’t care. At least I have one. I got it during my Disney trip in 1991. I’m very lucky because I have one. It’s part of Disney’s history. They don’t have it anymore right?

9. Walt Disney is my hero. My idol. I have the book of his biography. It’s my past time to search more stuff about him. I even wrote about him in my papers that I submitted to Sir Ed & Sir Lim. I believe Disneyland is really magical. My dream is to be able to go to all the Disney theme parks in the world. So far, I’ve been to Anaheim park twice and in Tokyo. Did you know that it was a disaster during Disneyland’s opening? Did you know that he’s already 107 years old. I also love watching old Disney cartoons in Youtube.

10. I love Beaching. I love the water, the sand, the shells, the shore, everything that describes the word beach. I’ve always wanted to go down there. But I have no guts to. yet. I will in the future. I’m really afraid of what’s underneath. even though I’m really fascinated with the world underwater. Ang gulo ko ba? Basta ganun. For now, I’ll just snorkle. haha.

11. I always cry everytime I watch an episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya. Even if walang connection sa life ko. Umiiyak talaga ako.

12. I’m known as Dedo (or dedz) in my mommy’s side of the family because when I was younger I can’t pronounce my name, at yan ang kinalabasan. Hirap naman talaga i-pronounce ng name ko eh, my 2 yr old niece, Kim calls me Ate Bargo. haha.

13. I feel that I’ve known someone my whole life and I practically grew up with that person even if hindi talaga. There’s just this part of me na nakakaramdam if malungkot siya or masaya siya. Di ko alam, basta I just know. And I’m always right! haha!

14. I’ve never had a major crush on someone since 2004. Ngayon lang ulit. Dan Humphrey. Penn Badgley. As in yung sobrang nagiging affected ako pagnapapanood ko or what. ei. episode 17 of gossip girl, todohan pagkaaffected ko dun.

15. I just have the best bunch of bestfriends. Pretty Friends. They’re the other someone who I feel that I’ve known all my life, even if hindi talaga. They are my highschool friends. And mom’s right, the most cherished friendship is yung sa highschool. Mawala na lahat wag lang sila. They’re my other half. The puzzle pieces that will complete me. They’re the people who knows me inside out and who knows my darkest secrets since like forever? Budi/Aimee Sanchez is my bestest friend ever.

16. I still sometimes regret being in Entrep. Even if I believe that there’s a reason why I’m in Entrep. Don’t get me wrong. I love being in Entrep. I love what I’m doing now. I love it that I’ve learned a lot of new things from my Entrepreneurship experience. Not only na I regret na sana kasi at this time of the year, I’ve already graduated or pa-graduate na ako sa school na pinasukan ko sa US at tumira din ako dun. At the back of my mind talaga, you know, it will always be my first love. masscomm. tv production. advertising. At least I’ve finished all my subjects in masscomm before I become Entrep. That’s what’s important. May background ako. I hope one day, I’ll be able to do what I really wanted to do.

17.WANDERLUST is my favorite word. It means a strong desire to go to places err.. to travel. That is so me. One day, I’ll go to Greece. It’s the place that I’ve always wanted to go. I also want to go to Egypt (that’s why i so envy gretz), Israel, Jordan—significant places in the Bible. I have this thing for history, anything history. I love going through the past. Not my past though. haha.

18. I’m not like my sister who loves performing. Yes. singing, dancing & acting/theater. But I’d love to work behind the scene. But I can carry a tune. I used to sing in our church for years. I can do a solo and you could give me the mic as long as the song is a church song. lol. Btw. My sister’s the lead role in St. Paul Pasig production for St. Paul year– Paul! Paul! The Musical everyone’s invited to watch. Its in Meralco theater Feb 17-21– she’ll be on the Feb 17, 19 & 20 playdates.

19. I’m the initiator among my friends when it comes to things online. I made kulit them to join multiply & facebook and now, my girls are addicted to pet society. oh my. We spent our yesterday playing it together.

20. August 2008 – marked my being DALAGA! haha! Even if I’ve been dalaga for years already. I bloomed. Perhaps because I’m no longer stressed out. I’m more girly. I’m wearing make up ohmygahd.

21. Spongebob is my boyfriend and my boyfriend forever. Shrek was a kabit. Aladdin is my husband. I loved Ninja Turtles when I was a kid. I play Kimberly or the Pink Ranger whenever Aina and I plays Power Rangers in Lipa. She plays the Yellow Ranger/Trini. I was addicted to Trolls when I was seven that’s why I had a massive collection of trolls. I adored Tweety, Pooh and Hello Kitty when I was a kid, Who doesnt? Until now, I love teddy bears. I spent $100 just for my teddy’s clothes in build a bear one time. yay. I played teks, marbles & patintero.

22. I easily move on. I’m not the type of person who loves to dwell on the past. I’m more on what’s there for me now and in the future. I will cry. I will get hurt. But it would definitely be over like a blink of an eye. I forgive but I don’t definitely forget. They say I’m a very strong person because of this.

23. I want to graduate badly. period. Julie gagraduate din tayo.

24. I can survive even if I’m alone. I can be alone in school. I can work alone. I work better if I’m not in a group. I don’t care if I’m alone. And I don’t go out that much anymore. I’m always at home na. I’m always alone. And mas at peace ako when I’m alone. Shempre, no man is an island, I’m just in the phase of my life when I just want to be alone hahaha.

25. Aimee, Seska and I think that we were destined to be single. OHMY.

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