question without an answer

ESA Atrium
9:30 am (break)
Reading my Philo book (abt St Augustine)
With Keno & Camil, then JR Lacuata came and sat with us.

Last year, he always notices me, asking me if I’m okay, because I seem so weird.

Today’s conversation went like this:

JR: Kamusta na?
Gaux: Okay naman! (still reading)
JR: You seem happy now. Sino nagpapasaya sayo?
Gaux: Wala! *smiling this huge smile*
JR: Pwede ba naman yun?
Gaux: Pwede ba namang mabuhay ng walang lalaki sa buhay? (ang banat ko PF na PF)
JR: Tingnan mo, yun pa lang, sablay ka na *sabay tawa ng malakas*

Bigla ko narealize yung nasabi ko.

Gaux: *tawang tawa* No! What I meant was, “Pwede naman akong mabuhay ng walang boys”
JR: *tawa pa din* Wala! Nasabi mo na!
Gaux: hindi! hindi!
JR: Nag-iba yung eyes mo, happier..
Gaux: unlike last year na super “iba”?
JR: yeah, it’s good, you’re smiling siya, so sino siya?
Gaux: wala talaga *with a really big smile*

nag change topic. He asks about the Chinese-Korean bazaar in line for Chinese New Year.

Gaux: ay, wala akong alam jan
JR: I thought, you were always part of every event that happens in school.
Gaux: that was last year, the previous years. Not na ngayon. wala lang, parang I dont want to stress myself.  That’s why Im different now. I’m happier.
JR: Oo nga, pansin ko last year, na parang you’re distracting yourself from something.
Gaux: *napaisip din ako na it’s true* OO nga ano, yeah, I thnk I was distracting myself from last years events. At least now, new year and I’m happier..

Shiet. Naalala ko, nun Philo namin, we were still in the topic “How to live a happy life” accdg to different Philosophers – Plato, Aristotle, Epicurans, Skeptics, Stoics, St. Augustine.. Wala lang, nakakatawa lang. Kasi the conversation above came before my Philo class. I’m kind of the Stoics.. LOL

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