No longer a 26.

This are two of my most favorite pants. I bought them with my own money back in 2005. You know, when life wasn’t really that easy for me. I have to save my allowance in order to shop. I was really proud then, coz I was able to buy something that expensive. Expensive na yan sa akin noon. 700-800 worth na pants yung dalawang yan eh. The mickey mouse pants is Freego. I don’t really shop there, but I saw Mickey Mouse. Classic lang. Ang cute. I bought it. The other one is Freeway, that’s where I really shop before.

I remember I brought my Mickey Mouse pants during my California trip in 2006. I used it there for like thrice? And then, since it’s my favorite, I saved it for my trip back home coz I want to be comfy. When I was dressing up before going to the airport, my gawd. It won’t fit me anymore. hahahahahaha. So much for saving it. I wore that pants for 16 hours na naka open yung buttons. Hindi na kasha sa akin eh. Super sikit niya, mego natastas pa yung side. haha. It took me less than a year before I was able to wear that again.

The other pants naman, it’s so cute diba? super comfy din niyan. But it was really really fit when I bought it. Kung baga, ilang suot ko lang yun, di na kakasa sa akin. But still, binili ko pa rin siya. I used it for a few times lang din. Tingnan mo naman yung difference niya sa Mickey Mouse pants na gamit na gamit.

So what’s the point? IT WON’T FIT ME ANYMORE! The Mickey Mouse pants is a 24 and the other one is a 26. And even though the Mickey Mouse pants is smaller than the other, yun pa yung nasuot ko 2 weeks ago. The other one, matagal ko ng hindi nagagamit yan. Hindi na mapasok sa hita ko eh hahaha. Yung si Mickey, nasusuot ko pa talaga, kahit mejo sikip. My Gawd. After 2 weeks. di na kasya sakin. Literal. Hindi ko na maipasok sa legs ko. Pinagpilitan ko, Hindi ko naman masara. hahaha.

Can I just say, last, last friday, nun kasama ko si Xanne, nagkikwentuhan kami, then she asked me what waist line ko, I said, 26. Sabi niya, ang liit grabe. But NO! Can I just say (again) na 28 (and a half) na siya. WAH. Naloka ako. Sobra. My pants won’t fit me anymore, mga tops ko hanging na. Like wah. I’m growing. yay. And yes, I finally see the results of my weird appetite for the last two months.

As much as I don’t want to part with my beloved pants, I have to. Coz I’m cleaning my closet eh, for the New Year ba.. At least, I gave my pants naman to someone who I love. Chaka I’d still see them whenever isuot niya yun. Kanino? Chenchenenen! sa brother ko, kay Denzel! hahahahaha!

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