I believe in LOVE

We choose to love. We choose it over and over again because if we don’t, it’s as if we choose not to live.

Sabi ko nga sa profiles ko sa friendster/myspace/facebook “I love because there’s no other way than not loving”

Sometimes, We have to hold on to pain so we can let it go and then, start again. We should allow ourselves to get hurt. We allow ourselves to be the world’s punching bag because we can fight back. Because THAT’s the POINT. To Live and to know that WE HAVE LOVED and that WE’ve BEEN LOVED.

I hope that everyone of us here will find someone who’ll give us the strength to believe in love even if we have no assurance that our story will end in “I LOVE YOU” and HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

At least we felt the wonderful feeling of LOVE.

Because LOVE is AMAZiNG!

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