Three’s A Crowd

I’m currently re-arranging my stuff. I gathered all my Candy Magazines from 1999-2007 and moved it to the toppest shelf of my cabinet. I won’t be reading them naman eh. I just don’t want to throw them away. Coz they were my collection sa aking teenage years and shet, ilang libo din yun noh! That’s EIGHT years of Magazines. Complete. Kita pang once ko lang talaga binasa each. Parang bagong bili pa rin lahat, well except for my first 4 issues. haha.

Anyway, I was checking out the covers of each issue, I chance upon the November 2006 issue where in Kean was part of the cover. I can’t even remember reading that part. Haha. I wasn’t interested maybe. Because I wasn’t really interested in the band itself. Pero ngayon, naisipan kong basahin, kasi gusto ko malaman kung ano yung sinabi ni Kean dun sa page na yun kasi classmate ko nga siya diba. Eh dati, wah paki lang ako. haha.

The article was entitled, Three’s a Crowd. It’s about a girl who’s having problems with boys – one na super love niya and one na siya yung love na good friend niya. hahaha. Naloka ako sa sagot eh. me POINT kasi. Pati dun sa isa pa niyang ka-banda.

Kean: You can’t be romantically involved with two people at the same time. Love triangles always end up hurting everyone involved. If you really love one of the guys, you wouldn’t fall for the other. So thinkabout how you feel. I don’t think the problem is choosing between the two guys – it’s about finding out who makes you HAPPY. Boys will come and go, and you should know how to create your own happiness.

Aaron: I think both guys have good intentions and both guys are probably worth your time. But because I believe you really have to choose, you should pick the guy you feel comfortable with.  When you can be yourself around a guy, this usually means you’ve developed a strong friendship with him, which is a good foundation for a romantic relationship. Take your time in making a decision, but make sure you don’t leave anybody hanging.

Ayun lang. Totoo Diba, totoo? haha.

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