The Guardian (adding to the list of my favorite movies)

I knew i was having a good time yesterday. Finally, we were able to give Ces her birthday surprise. Katakot takot na panic pa muna ang binigay sa amin. Kasi si JP eh. He told us to hide in the Lib. Then, when JP and Ces arrived, pinag-panic kami ni JP kasi dun sila dumaan sa corridor kung nasan ang Lib, kung san kami nagtatago. Eh glass pa naman ang ibang parts ng wall nun. Edi makikita kami! hala! Nagtakbuhan kami sa gilid. Panic Mode talaga! So, yung original plan nasira since dumirecho na sa class nila sina Ces. So sabi ko, sa class na lang nila namin siya gulatin, since part din naman ng class nun sina cathy. hahahaha. So, that’s what we did. After the surprise, they resumed their classes while i wait for them sa atrium.

We then went to Eastwood. We ate at Gweilos for the late celebration of the birthday of Ces.

We decided to watch the Sneak Preview of The Guardian. Excited kami to watch it because of Ashton Kutcher… to see His Body. hahaha. That’s the only interest I have in the movie. I’m really not into military kind of movies. I have no idea of what the movie is about except that it’s about the US coast guards. The movie’s NOT RELATED TO LOVE. But you will be able to connect it to love. To become a US coast guard you have to have commitment and sacrifice. You have to be determined and you have to have passion on what you are going to do — which is to save lives. If you think of it, that’s what you also need in love, when in a relationship. right?

The first line that struck me was ‘Save the ones that you can and the rest, you have to let go’. Hindi ko ma-explain kung bakit sobrang tinamaan ako dito. Pero feeling ko kasi, parang sinasabi sakin, to save myself now, my feelings from what i have been feeling for me to be really feel better and the rest, yung mga heartaches, i-let go ko na ng todo. Kasi you can’t do anything about it na talaga eh. kasi wala na nga. hindi nga pwede. diba? Ewan ko kung tama pagkaka interpret ko. parang hindi —- pero that’s for me lang ha. sa nanyari sa akin.

The second lines that struck me was when the Senior officer asked his class this ‘Will you look for me when i get lost? /YES/. Will you save me if i drown? /YES/. I know you will. I have high hopes in this class. I have high hopes for you (pertaining to jake/ashton).” Hindi naman ito para sa mga heartbroken. Siguro, ito ay para sa mga nasa isang relationship. Parang this is what you really expect in a relationship, diba? Parang if i cry, the my guy would stop my tears. if i feel bad he would cheer me up. That type of thing. Sigurado ka na about it, pero minsan itatanong mo pa rin sa guy mo if he’s do it. How I wish someone would be doing those things for me. Pero diba nga, True love waits.

The last thing that struck me was the ending part. Well, it’s not yet really the ending. But I won’t tell what happened na lang in that part kasi para hindi spoiler diba? Basta yun yung may voice over ata or line talaga na… “knowing when to hold on and when to let go…”. Ito grabe. Ang lakas ng tama sa akin. Sobrang tinamaan ako. With the scene pa na kasama nito. Ibang klase talaga. Wala lang, I knew naman that part eh yung kung dapat pa ba ako mag hold on or kung talagang mag lelet go na ako. Ginawa ko na rin kung ano ang kailangan kong gawin eh diba? Tinamaan lang ako at sobrang sapul na sapul sa puso ko talaga. Kasi naman diba, fresh na fresh pa. Parang second week pa lang ito eh. haha. Tapos ganun, sabi ko pa, bakit ko pa kasi pinanood eh. haha. Pero again, i don’t regret that i watched it.

In the same scene, the one that i just mentioned, dun tumulo ang tears ko. As in, tears na talaga, una pinipigil ko pa eh. Pero wala, hindi na napigilan. Pero ito lang yung movie na nagpaiyak muli sakin mula nung Superman. hehehehe.

So ngayon nga, isa na ito sa mga favorite movie ko. ^_____^

SO, what happened today is nandito lang ako sa bahay. Trying to finish my CW midterms, which was supposedly, kanina ang start ng presentation. eh absent ako, the whole day. kasi nga i have to do this. So far i’m 40% done. Wow. Ang tagal pa. bad trip. goodluck sa akin. i have till tomorrow to finish this. Grr.

BTW, Congratz sa UST!!!! woohoo!!!

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