are you scared as well?

“Everybody in this world is scared. and sometimes, it takes two scared persons to do one brave thing: to fall in love.” Am I that brave? am i that brave to take a risk? Yes, i think i am NOW brave again to try this thing called love. but……. i think.. i am still not………

i have been hurt a million times by only one person. Yes, i allowed myself to get hurt, but isn’t that why you love? i and my stupid self fell for that thing called martyrdom. i was blind. all those times, when i was younger, i thought that was love. now, if i look back to my past, all i can say is that how could i even think of that as love. i even questioned myself, if i was inlove that time. then, i will realize that i wasn’t. yeah, more than three years and it is not love? well, quality over quantity. i may have loved him (uhh..) but did he love me? did he care for me? he did for a while. after that “a while” i didn’t feel anything anymore. but this stupid margaux when she was 16 didn’t want to let go of the person, that’s why she held on to him even though she knows that there was no love anymore. I think that time, i was brave. i was brave to be hurt and all. but that bravery, i think has no love at all. i may have had love, love that was full of selfishness. i was selfish because of all the things he did to me. maybe that’s why i didn’t let go.

i am a little scared. i know i am. i am still trying to cover up my feelings, am i? or i am still trying to make ipon all the courage that i need. hahaha, for me to be brave. to face again, rather to face this thing called love. i know i can naman eh. just give me the right person and the right time, i know i can. i know i am emotionally ready for this kind of thing. i have been waiting for that someone for a long time, that’s why, if YOU are already here, please speak up. i will listen. ‘i know you want to’ hahaha… i am scared. are you? common’ let’s be brave……!!! who could ever be that person to stand up with me and be brave to face Love.. to actually fall in love.





okay. too much drama.

forgive my heart.








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