New Children’s Book, “When the World Sneezed” Makes it Easy to Explain Covid-19 to Kids

New Book Alert‼  WHEN THE WORLD SNEEZED – written by Ivanna Dela Torre (from the Philippines), illustrated by Yulya Fedkiv (from Ukraine), and edited by one of the Philippines’ most respected educators Dr. Antonio Torralba.
When The World Sneezed Book 1
The book maybe very simple fit for a little child. It is light and a socially relevant read that can help us parents explain in very simple words and in a very cute way the Covid-19 pandemic to our children to which has brought huge impact to their lives the more.
When The World Sneezed Book 3When The World Sneezed Book 4
What we loved about it is how the story run itself. It is very simple yet so powerful for our little ones. It comes with relatable characters, which for sure your little animal lovers would love. The cute animal characters that makes it even more engaging and relatable to our children. It has simple words and how the rhyme jived into it makes it easier to remember. It’s a good book to read for our little ones and even the bigger kids who still loves to read because of how it is really easy to comprehend!
When The World Sneezed Book 2
It can also help encourage healthier habits, too, even outside of the pandemic! ORDER your “When the World Sneezed” Books here:


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