A Love Affair with Willy Farms Rice

We all know how rice is life, but you know, delicious rice is lifer more than anything! Rice is an integral part in every Filipino meal. Minsan kanin lang, buhay na buhay na tayo! Basta masarap na kanin! No bias here, but there is something with the freshly milled rice of Willy Farms Rice that it will make you fall in love with rice even more.
willy farms rice (2)Willy Farms Rice aims to bring farm fresh goodness with their guaranteed premium quality rice to every Filipino home.

Try the different variants to your liking – 1) The special all-occasion rice that is the Premium Dinorado, soft and genuinely delicious 2) The all-around-rice that is Sinandomeng with the right softness and fluffiness, 3) Deliciously healthy Brown Rice, which is hearty, chewy and nutty in flavor, rich in fiber, iron, protein and vitamin B+, 4) Long Grain rice with the superb eating quality, Japanese Textured Rice and 5) Irresistible taste, texture and aroma of Sticky Jasmine Rice.willy farms rice (1)
Tried the Jasmine Sticky Rice for my arroz caldo and I couldn’t get enough of it. I don’t eat rice that much, but you know what happened next…. gobbled them all up!
willy farms rice (3)
Willy Farms Rice is locally produced and harvested by our hardworking farmers. Available in selected supermarkets nationwide or you may order via Shopee https://shope.ee/3ASKIuYsnQ or Lazada.


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