#HowToMomABoy: Raising a Gentleman

Women. Raise your sons to respect women. Raise your sons to stand up for others. Raise your sons to be kind.
In a world full of toxicity, that’s the only thing that us BoyMoms can do to help make the world a better place to live in. Instill in their mind and in their hearts, that however wrong the reasons may be, it is never right to physically hurt a woman. It is a must that we defend our women, but do it with grace. Violence will never be the answer. One day, Coco will love someone. Scary how it seems. I sincerely hope and pray that I raised him well to treat the girl right, understand her heart, show her how a girl should be loved and respect her with his all. I hope I can raise him to be that kind of man – a man of loyalty and a man who isn’t afraid to love.

Ending International Women’s Month 2022 with this, because us mothers play a very important role on our son’s life.

Happy International Women’s Month to all strong and awesome ladies you will be able to read this post!


One comment

  1. You are an amazing mother, and I believe that your boy sees it too. Your boy will grow up as a good person, and I bet that is one of the most fulfilling feelings as a parent.


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