Refreshingly Delyteful Every Day with Vivalyte

Did you know that our children can also be dehydrated when they are very active, most especially when the weather is so hot? That is why it is so important to give our kids something #RefreshinglyDelyteful every day para iwas dehydration. I give Coco ready-to-drink Vivalyte Electrolyte Drink at super favorite niya yung orange flavor. He love it na super cold!
vivalyte (1)
Vivalyte is best to use to help prevent dehydration and it boosts immune system as well. What we love about Vivalyte is that: 1) Refreshingly delightful taste, 2) Prescribed by doctors, 3) It contains Zinc, 4) It has an attractive and kid-friendly packaging, 5) It has Apple and Orange flavors, and 6) It also has a electrolyte drink mix.

Good thing there is a more enjoyable way to take lots of fluid every day with Vivalyte!
vivalyte (2)
To prevent dehydration, give your child Vivalyte PH, a refreshingly delightful drink. To know more about the important of good hydration, watch the virtual MomTribe Meet-up on November 26, 2021, Friday 6PM on the Millennial Moms PH Facebook Page.
vivalyte (3)
Get an event reminder by clicking this link – Vivalyte X Millennial Moms PH Virtual Mom Tribe Meet up

SHOP it here:

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