Be a Kasambuhay for the Environment

Let’s help the world heal, one less plastic at a time. Reuse, Reduce. Recycle. We’ve learned this when we were kids, unfortunately most of us did not put it to heart. The world needs us now. Let’s make the world a better place for our children and the generations to come. Nestlé encourages us to join their Kasambuhay for the Environment Movement, as well all know, we can do more together.
Nestle Kasambuhay for the Environment 1
Here are ways that we can do to help save Mother Earth:
Cut down on extra plastic packaging. Bring your reusable tote bag whenever you go to the supermarket or palengke.
Do away with take-out cups. Use your reusable mug.
Treat yourself to a cup of coffee, once it runs out, repurpose the jar.
Avoid using plastic spoons and forks. Go for reusable utensils instead.
Refuse plastic straws. Choose alternatives like bamboo, metal or paper.
Document your sustainability journey. Write your accomplishments in a notebook.
Be of influence to other people

According to Ocean Conservancy, at least 8 million tons of plastic leak into the world’s ocean every year, posing harm to marine life and contaminating our waters. As Nestlé encourages us to help save the planet, they are also doing their part as a global company. As a Kasambuhay for the Environment, Nestlé is committed to collect and divert the equivalent amount of plastics it puts out into the market so none of this will end up in landfill or in nature. They also strive to reach their ambition to make their packaging 100% recyclable or reusable by 2025, and to reduce virgin plastic use by 1/3 within the same time frame. They also aim that none of their plastic packaging ends up in nature.
Nestle Kasambuhay for the Environment 2
Plastic Neutrality is attained when the equivalent amount of plastic generated by groups or an individual is collected and recovered and does not end up in landfill or the environment. Since August 2020, Nestlé has been collecting and repurposing the equivalent amount of plastic that they put out in the market. With that said, on its first year of Plastic Neutrality, they have successfully collected and diverted over 27 million kilograms of plastic. This is enough to cover the floor area of 775 Mall of Asia’s Equivalent to the weight of 385,000 Hawkbill turtles and around 120,000 times heavier than what Hidilyn Diaz lifted to win the gold (estimated figures).

Nestlé, together with their partners has established collection points where everyone can take their plastic waste for further processing. In partnership with Plastic Credit Exchange, SM Malls collect plastic waste. Some DMCI condominiums, in partnership with Tetra Pak, collect used beverage carton. Nestlé is also supporting some barangays in putting up their Material Recovery Facilities. You can check your barangay if they have one. Go to the nearest junkshops in your area as well, if they can take any plastic you have on hand. Some NGOs and social enterprises also collect plastic waste. Nestlé and Green Antz builders have set up eco-brick hubs that can take in soft plastic waste.

With our joint efforts, we can do more together. Be A #KasambuhayForTheEnvironment and make a difference for our dear Mother Earth.

For Pasig Area, these are some of the places where you can bring your plastic waste. Here’s the list for more.
1. Green Antz Builders
Ayala Malls Feliz (near the entrance of Metro Supermarket)
2. Misis Walastik na Pasig Program
Any Walastik junk shops
3. Planeta Cares
Location 1: Brgy San Antionio Urban Garden
Location 2: Megaplaza Rolling Stores
4. Plastic Credit Exchange (PCEx)
SM Megamall
5. The Plastic Flamingo
Decathlon Tiendesitas, Ortigas Avenue corner E. Rodriguez Avenue
6. The Plastic Solution
#137 F. Andres St., Brgy. Rosario

*Note that Nestlé Philippines Inc. is not affiliated with these organizations


  1. Yung mga lumang gamit natin (made of wood) bumabalik na ulit sa uso. We used to have bamboo mugs at home, and use coconut shells as serving plates. And now, these sustainable products are quite expensive.


  2. Been trying to live a sustainable living too, started with using bamboo and glass straws. But other than that, some sustainable products are really expensive that it’s hard to fully ‘convert’ to that lifestyle. One at a time, though! We might think we are not doing enough but saving nature in our own little ways will come a long way, especially if all of us will do our part. Thank you for sharing!


  3. Do they allow reusable mugs now at coffee shops? Last time I heard, they were refusing this bec of the pandemic.
    At SM Aura, we’re told the plastics used at the supermarket are biodegradable ones, so we still get them even though we bring out own reusable bag. Helps with the trash at home. 🙂


  4. there are many simple steps we can make. Reusable bags and containers, reusable cups for coffee, repurposing, giving away things you don’t need, shopping secondhand and local. It’s not hard but it actually already is something


  5. Wow ma ang bongga talaga ng advocacy ng nestle sobrang laking tulong neto para mapangalagaan ang ating kalikasan .


  6. Wow nice advocay nestle ang aing naman po ng idea nyo po❤️super love ko talaga ang nestle products the best and super highly recommend


  7. I love this idea talagang makakatulong sa environment at makakaless tayo ng basura. Reuse reduce recycle the best method and highly recommended.


  8. Wow ang galing naman ng nestle talagang may care saating inang kalikasan.ilove it .Such a nice advocacy 😊❤️ laking tulong neto para mapangalagaan ang ating kalikasan.We choose Sustainable products too❤️❤️❤️


  9. Ako Naman Mommy To help.this advocacy Kasambuhay to Environment.
    When I go to the Market I always use Eco Bags tapos sa meat and Fish May tupperware ako sa bahay dun ko pinapalagay para less plastic talaga. We also reuse and Recycle


  10. Wow napakagandang campaign ito yung pati sila gusto maprotektahan ang inang kalikasan maganda ito dahil sa panahon natin puro pollution ang nangyayari sa kapaligiran need natin ito para kahit papano mabago natin ang maling nakagawian ng ibang tao dahil dito mas mahalin at pangalagaan na natin ang kapaligiran natin dahil iba din sila kapag gumante satin aa sobrang pang aabuso natin sa kanila


  11. Ako po mommy kahit Pupunta lang sa tindahan naka ecco bag papo para iwas lagay sa plastic po ung mga bote po tinatabi namin at binebenta po mga garapon pwedeng paglagyan nang mga condiments po masasave po natin ang ating ozone layer para makaiwas sa.pag laki nang butas nito


  12. I’m an avid advocate Po mommy for a future free plastic community..I’m into reducing,reusing and recycling Po mommy…. been using reusable eco bags for my shopping,making use of plastics for decoration purposes and for pillow filler Po,collecting some to bring to our municipality in exchange of laundry needs(1 kilo plastic is equivalent to pieces of powder,laundry bars and bleaching liquids..) I still believe that we can heal our Mother Earth..we can do this together,through conserted efforts WE WILL..



  13. Napaka gandang campaign nito ng Nestle ” be a kasambuhay” Mahalagang malaman ng lahat kung gaano ka importante ang ating kalikasan at pagmamahal sa ating mother nature.. Magandang hikayatin sa pag gamit ng reusable materials kagaya nitong bamboo mug ,bayong or paper bag pag mag gogrocery at mamamalingke..para ma lessen namn ang plastic materials dito sa mundo.. Bawat isa sa atin pweding maka tulong at maipakita sa kalikasan ang pagmamahal at pag aalaga natin dito.


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