One Swipe KLEEN it All with Kleenfant

Wipes has always been a constant part of my make up/hygiene kit, even then when I still didn’t have Coco. All the more when I have him already. I wipe here and there, making sure that whatever he held on to is clean, at least. More so, I use wipes in in everything, especially nowadays, when touching anything public is always a risk, that is why a good anti-bacterial wipes is important for me.
One of my current #MomFinds is this Kleenfant Antibacterial Wipes. What I liked about it is that its scent is not so strong, it is softer and stretchable. It wipes off the oiliness or the stickiness of the surface better. Definitely, a thumbs up for me!
Kleenfant Antibacterial Wipes are hospital grade wipes and kills 99.99% of germs. It has a gentle formulation, which is alcohol free, safe and paraben free. It is made extra soft, extra thick and extra big, as well. It is made to freshen, clean and sanitize hard surfaces. Great for kitchen, table, bins, phones, inside your car and other hard surfaces. It’s also convenient and easy to use plus travel friendly, as it also have a travel sized pack.
Kleenfant Antibacterial Wipes is ideal for daily use and even in deep cleaning. It has 2 sizes – travel packs with 21 sheets at Php59 and 95 sheets at Php119. But if you head over to the Kleenfant Shopee Mall, or Kleenfant LazMall,  you will be greeted by big discounts! They also have the Kleenfant Cherryblossoms Cleansing Wipes.
Kleenfant Antibacterial Wipes is tough on germs but not on your skin. Keep your family safe with 1 swipe, KLEEN all!



  1. Kleenfant sheets are perfectly moist and soft plus it doesn’t dry up easily. What I really love about it the most is that it has Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract. I personally use this brand on my face as makeup remover. I use the unscented one and I love it!


  2. I also use baby wipes even I don’t have a baby! I noticed that many baby wipes like this always smell good, and are soft to my skin, compared to other drugstore brands.


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