Law of Attraction – Our Own Home

Honestly, I never thought I would want this at this moment of my life. But living in this unit for almost 5 years, especially during this pandemic, has made me realized that we have to have our own home soon. Coco has been cooped up inside our small unit the whole time that we are on lock down. He was only able to come out a few times. He made our living room an extension of his own room, were as his own room is where his dada would sleep during the day when he comes home from work. He is growing up and I guess, it is about time for him to have his own home where he could move comfortably, moreover, enjoy it while he is still a kid.

But we have to finally start dreaming about it and finally do something about it. Actually, I have been browsing available condominiums that are on pre-selling. I knew in my heart that I don’t want that. My husband doesn’t like it too, if I remember it right. He wants a place where he can tinker around with his motorcycle and God willing, his future car. And as far as I can remember, we both want a house – like the ones that our parents own. And what do I want? I don’t want to leave Pasig. I don’t even want to leave our barangay, the place where both my husband and I grew up, met, had a family and of course, where Coco grew up too. This is where both our family lives as well. I don’t want to leave, especially we have a very competent Mayor now!

Earlier today, I was at my old bedroom at my mom’s place. I looked through the window and I saw the former home of my mananahi. Her family had to leave the home that they have been renting for more than 2 decades because the owner of the lot wanted to build something there. They started building what seems like an apartment-type complex, that they haven’t finished until now that the owner has passed. I am not sure what the children of the owner will do with this, as it has been this way even before the pandemic.  lawofattractionOurHome2026
But I pray that one day, they realize that they don’t need this lot anymore and just give it to someone that would want it. Like me. I pray that one day, in the next few years, I will be able to purchase this lot and build our future home here, where Coco will grow up, just as how I grew up in our old home – which is right beside it, so that when time comes that my mom comes back home, it will be easier for us to see each other and for me to take care of her.

I pray and will work hard for this lot and be able to build our future home. The ground floor as a parking space with an area where we can add a few greens. The first floor that will serve as our kitchen, dining and living room, the second floor for at least 3 bed rooms, with hopefully a family room and the top floor with an office where I can work, and just a place where we can chill and relax, and when we can have friends over and yes, a must to have all the cabinets that I will need in this lifetime.

I pray that we will be able to do this before Coco hits his teens. I want my baby to experience childhood in a house that he dreams to have as well. I’m putting this here for me to look back when our dream has finally materialized. I hope that doesn’t happen to far away. It will happen, I mean it, come what may.



  1. We were also looking for a condo to purchase because of the pandemic, but God has handed us something much better. We’ll have to leave our comfort zone, though, but all good because God has prepared everything. It won’t be so hard.

    Why don’t you inquire with your bank or Pag-IBIG for a loan? You might be surprised that you can actually afford it more than you think you do. 😉


  2. Nice read! I can relate. kasi for the longest time, we’ve been renting and then my sister and I finally purchased our house 4 years ago in Cavite. It is just by the grace of God and his perfect timing that He gives what we desire in our hearts.

    I also pray that you will eventually have that dream house of you one day, where your family can grow and live peacefully.


  3. With all your hardwork, mamsh, it will come!! Hopefully soon enough. Just keep on manifesting and work hard on it. The universe is listening 🙂


  4. Same goal that I have. Want to have a house of our own as well. Supposedly we planned to build it this year but things didnt work as planned. Guess it not yet the right time for it but I am claiming that will go back to our plan of building our house soon.


  5. Awwwe! THIS IS PURE MAMSH AND LET’S MANIFEST IT! You’re very hardworking po and I really admire you for it. Naniniwala din kase talaga ako sa power of law of attraction. I got what I prayed for because of it and hardwork of course. But this is my next goal as well. Let’s do this!


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