Welcome 2021!

The new year, 2021 has come. New beginnings are always welcome!
New learnings to share.. new possibilities to bare..
New adventures to take.. new memories to make..
New dreams to reach.. new projects to be pitched..
New challenges to endure.. But I’ll get through it, for sure!
New hopes to hold on to.. new wishes even if I don’t know when it will get true..
New stories to tell.. new talents to excel..
New opportunities to greet.. new goals to complete..
There so many NEW to look forward to
But what I’m anticipating is YOU
As you drop by this little space of mine
I pray it will always be worth your time.
I’ve always believed that when I write I should WRITE with PASSION and PURPOSE.
And it has always been my aspiration to share with you my stories on how my #BoyMomLife is. Know more about my Mommahood stories, (mis)adventures and everything in between with cherry on top as I wander and wonder with Coco one plane ride at a time. Because you know, there’s something extra special about a bond between a mommy and son. Cheers on the joys of being a #BoyMom!

Have I inspired (influenced?!) you at all in 2020? In anything, be it in what books to read or toys to play with your boy (or girl), to what laundry soap to use, to what easy to cook meal to prepare or to what new flick to watch. I hope that this year, I still get to do this with you, in my own little way, and to create more meaningful connections with you as well. Stick with me for another year and hopefully beyond that. K?

Love + Light from your WanderWoMom, Margaux

PS. Please note that the second paragraph of this post is also posted in my About Me page as I’ve realized that it seems good to be there too. XD



  1. Hi Mamshie! Wishing you and your fam, especially Coco, much happiness this new year. I learned a lot from your writings especially those that relate to helping our little boys with learning at home. It’s a new experience for me and I needed all the advice I can get.


  2. It’s been a year. Although we can’t go out still, Luckily we can connect with relatives and friends virtually. Thanks to advanced technology. It also a good time to learn something new like diy crafts, baking and etc.


  3. I enjoy reading your adventures with Coco and I really admire you for being such a good mom. I wish I could also do the same. Good luck to your new adventures this 2021.


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