How was I able to Control Hair Fall?

My hair doesn’t look good at the moment and it has been like that since the end of last year. I was supposed to have a long over due hair treatment supposedly last March before our flight, but ECQ happened. But my main problem right now is the excessive hair fall that I have been experiencing. Grabe na kasi talaga. I’m not comfortable with the situation already and I think I have to do something about it.

I’m tired of seeing my hair clogging the drain every time I shower and sweeping our floor every day, plus it is stressing me out even more. Hair fall is normal, but as we know, too much of something is bad enough. Literally, handful of hair come out every time I brush my hair, even after I take a shower. Why did I experience excessive hair fall? Probably, it is because of the stress and anxiety that I have in the last 4 months of us being in this #LifeInTheTimeOfCorona. Plus, since I don’t feel good about myself and I feel bad of the situation, I didn’t feel like giving my self the care I need, so I just tie my hair in a bun or a ponytail. These reasons are just my speculation. There are a lot more reasons of hair fall, hair thinning and hair loss that can be related to our genes, hair treatment and styles, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, dandruff and having an oily scalp.

This is how it looks like every time I wash my hair. Honestly, because of this, I only wash my hair twice a week, more if I went out for an errand. I’m scared that if I wash it everyday, it will continue thinning and eventually, I’ll loss my hair. My hair is always up in a bun, especially last summer when it is very hot.

herbalessenceshellohydrationIt was during our US 2017 trip when I started using Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner. My curly girl sis has started use hair products that are sulfate free (mostly, organic ones) to use to care for her curly hair. So like her, I kind of shied away from commercial hair products, not fully though. Once in a while, I still use them especially when I didn’t know yet that we have Herbal Essences here in Manila and my stocks from the US hasn’t been replenished.

In 2019, I also tried using Moringa-O2 Anti-Hair fall Shampoo and Conditioner when I was given it as part of an event’s loot bag. I liked it as well.

How did I prevent this to further damage that may also lead to possible hair loss? It all boils down to SELF-CARE. When salons opened during GCQ, I cut my hair short (which happened the day before my birthday in July) and found ways on how to minimize the hair fall. Tying my hair was rare already since it is already short. I bought a new very wide tooth comb, since my old one got lost and I’ve been using my hairbrush even when my hair is wet. I also massage my scalp for a few minutes with VCO or Moringa-O2 Therapy Oil, alternately but not religiously for my hair, to nourish my hair. I also realized I have a pair of Moringa-O2 bottles inside my US luggage that I have yet to unpack. I also started to use them now. I also made sure to have a healthy diet but I don’t promise I did have a really really healthy one. It is better if you do cardio. I don’t but I go up and down our building at least twice a day, more if I have lots of deliveries to receive – and we live in the 3rd floor. I lessened ironing or blow drying my hair, not unless I really need to. And lastly, hydrate!

It has been a month since I cut my hair and started these hair regimen and I think it has been doing well. Somehow, my hair fall lessened. It is not yet 100% but at least there are positive results. I think I am also in a better place now that I have kind of unpacked already, so maybe I’m less stressed at the moment. Hopefully, if I continue doing this, I can finally be able to bid excessive hair fall good bye.



  1. My PCOS ruined my once thick and beautiful hair. Now ang nipis na niya and I’m scared that during my wedding day I need to wear a wig. Thanks for sharing this Ms Margaux. Will do this alongside my medical intervention too. God bless.


  2. Herbal Essences products are good! At saka Mamshie iwas stress din, kasi nakaka-bawas talaga ng buhok.
    Bagay sayo ang shorter hair! Happy hair na 🙂


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