#pinaSARAP na Home Cooked Meals with Mega Prime Quality

Mega Global, one of the Philippines’ Number 1 sardines has recently launched Mega Prime Quality, their newest quality canned vegetable products. It comes in easy-to-open cans, made to be convenient and economical, especially made for moms-on-the-go.

Mega Prime
aims to give moms and even dads who cooks a better cooking experience with assurance that every can of Mega Prime contains ingredients that are carefully harvested and processed to maintain the flavor and nutritional value of the product. No need to wash and cut vegetables from scratch, because with Mega Prime, cooking will be easier, faster and tastier.
Turn your simple recipes into hearty and delicious meals that your family will love. Cooked Chicken and Corn sotanghon using Mega Prime Whole Kennel Corn and Glass Noodles Vermicelli. It is just an easy recipe but you can definitely taste the goodness in every bite.

Sharing the recipe with you here:

Mega Prime Quality Products – canned vegetables, canned fruits, spices and sauces are available in leading supermarkets nationwide. Good thing though, we could easily buy them at store.megaglobal.com.ph and have it delivered at your doorstep.


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