Ramyeon with CDO Premium Tonkatsu,Why not!

Naturally, we would eat our tonkatsu with rice and some veggie salad on the side, like in our favorite Japanese restaurant. It is the same case when I cooked it the Japanese style pork cutlet at home. Just the way my son would want it.

Since I’ve watched a whole lot of Korean Dramas this last few months, it made me crave for a hot bowl of Ramyeon.

I found a huge cup of Ramyeon in the grocery and to make it have more authentic Asian feels, I opened my pack of CDO Premium Tonkatsu and boiled an egg and added it to my Ramyeon – Asian fusion it is, when Jap meets SoKor.

Don’t forget the tonkatsu sauce! Definitely, my tonkatsu strips made my Ramyeon even better! Indulging it while I was watching my current fave.

Have you tried #CDOTonkatsu? Anong style ng luto niyo dito? It’s my first time to try it and I swear, ang sarap!

For your reference: CDO Premium Tonkatsu (420g): P127.75

To order, you can message CDO via m.me/CDOHomeDelivery and have it delivered to your home.

Watch it here:


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