Hydrate with Vivity

As we keep our family safe in this #LifeInTheTimeOfCorona, we should  also be healthy enough to fight the virus away.
And one of the best possible way is to STAY HYDRATED, as it is an important to aid in recovery. Every time I start to feel unwell, I start drinking more water that what I am used to.
But I learned that water is not enough when we are sick because our body loses important electrolytes.
Vivity is a great tasting electrolyte drink to keep us hydrated. It contains all essential electrolytes such as sodium and potassium at an optimal level to keep us hydrated. Flavors: Apple and Orange
It comes in a convenient tetra-pak which makes it easy to drink, anytime and anywhere. No need to mix.

Buy it at any of the leading drugstores (Mercury, Watsons, South Star, and Rose) nationwide or at Watsons.com.ph

Please note that Vivity helps only in proper hydration management and it does not directly treat any type of medical condition.


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