#LoveAtFirstWipe with Pampers’ NEW BABY WIPES!


YES! You heard it first from here.. Pampers, our well loved and trusted nappy for our little ones, now has a new product line, which is the BABY WIPES! Few days before Christmas last year, we were invited by the Pampers Team for a thanksgiving get together and was also actually a soft launch of their new product and I was lucky and honored to be part of the party that they chose introduce their new baby wipes. I’m so happy because even though Coco is almost 7 years old, the most important baby essential in our bag is a pack of baby wipes.

All these years of mommy-ing Coco and using wipes, I didn’t have a go-to brand. I just buy what ever that is available in the supermarket, in the drugstore, or in the convenience stores. I usually just buy the cheapest one I see. I didn’t have a concept of what’s best for him in this department. Sorry! Haha! As long as it cleans what ever it needs to cleaned – his sticky hands, his dirty face, and his smelly bumbum. Don’t get me wrong. There may be brands that I don’t buy again because I actually didn’t like them and most likely it didn’t do its proper work for me.

And actually meeting Pampers Sensitive Wipes is #LoveAtFirstWipe. I’ve never felt a wipe so soft and smooth as it touches my skin. It felt like damping cotton wool fabric on my skin. If I loved it, what more for our child.
Pampers Sensitive Wipes is paraben-free, alcohol-free (without ethanol or drying alcohol) and phenoxyethanol free. It is also PH-balanced and clinically tested to be safe for babies. To top it off, it is ultra soft and strong that it does not tear easily.

Let’s watch my not so-short review here to learn more and even see more of the new Pampers Sensitive Wipes and be the judge if we actually #LoveAtFirstWipe.

One pack contains 56 Baby wipes with SRP Php139. There is also 112 Baby wipes (2 packs of 56s in 1 pack) for SRP Php269.

Thank you Pampers for thinking of us – the mommas – in finding ways to help us in caring for our little ones in the most easiest, fastest and gentlest way possible. Pampers is will always be here to help us, diaper at a time!

Sharing also photos from the get together last December.

Sisters Nicole (@allaroundmomm) and Mommy P (@mommypehpot) and Ruth (@mommyruthph)
Tin (@kristinebernadettetan), Angel (@mrsenerodiaries) and my mars Janelle (@janellestrelon)
Pampers Mombassadors with Pampers Team




  1. Yeah, wow they have wipes na rin! Normally i don’t have any preferred brands for wipes too, but this looks interesting. Although i don’t have kid of my own, i’ll definitely tell about this to my momma friends. 🙂

    – Hazel https://hazywanders.com/


  2. Pampers is really a behemoth when it comes to baby care products. With their experience in manufacturing, I guess it is no wonder this would be a good product as well.


  3. I absolutely love this. It’s about time pampers release their own wet wipes! This is a brand we can trust not only for ourselves, but also for our babies. Can’t wait to find this at a grocery store. Haha


  4. So happy that pampers already decided to release their own line of wet wipes. It’s about time! This is a trusted brand not only for us, but also for our babies. Can’t wait to find thid at the grocery store.


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