Because We Go CRAZY over RICH GOYA Spreads

I’m always in the search of finding ways on how to fill up my Coco’s belly. As some of you know, he is a picky eater ever since he was a year old. One by one I try to introduce different kinds of food, some would be a hit, but most of the time it is a miss.

Coco is a growing kid and with that comes the “I’m hungry always” phase, one that comes right after a few minutes of his main meal. I already run out of ideas on what to give him – cereals, cookies, mamon. One day when he was 2 years old, he finally tried eating plain pan de sal. He doesn’t want anything on it. I felt that having just plain bread is too boring and that he might get tired of eating it.
DSCF6922When we went grocery shopping, I thought of buying Brand X. I loved it as a child, maybe he would too. I was right, he totally loved it on his bread but our pockets aren’t happy. We went looking for an alternative the next time we went to the grocery. While scanning the shelf, I saw Goya Choco Hazelnut Choco Spread. Checked the price and placed it in our cart. Ever since that day, we’ve been crazy over Goya Spreads.
Recently, we stumbled upon Goya Double Hazelnut Spread. Oh boooy! It’s silky and has a perfect mix of chocolate and hazelnut. We couldn’t ask for more. We did another switch! Nope, not a brand switch this time, but a flavor switch! So now, we’ve been juggling these two Goya Spreads and Goya Choco Hazelnut and Milk Spread.
Nowadays, I just stumble upon this boy, preparing his own Goya spread sandwich. It’s a joy in my eyes to see him eat – a lot and find how he is independent in preparing his own food. He’s gone so cray-cray over Goya, I swear!
Whether to eat it straight from the jar with a spoon, spreading it to your fave bread or pan cake or induce it to your baked cupcakes or cookies, there’s no doubt that Goya Spreads, particularly, the Goya Double Hazelnut Spread can totally compete with other leading brands, in terms of its choco-hazelnutty taste, texture and most importantly, its price.
You can enjoy Goya Double Hazelnut Spread in many ways at only P154SRP for a 350g bottle (and P297SRP for a 750g). Shhhh,,, Imagine, the price of Brand X, you can already buy 1 750g bottle of Goya Spreads.
DSCF6914This has got to be one of the smart choices I made for my family, how it took me to realize that I could make something so ordinary like a sandwich became one special treat, all thanks to Goya Spreads.

Here’s a great treat for you – One Smart mom will win these Goya spreads triad. All you have to do is to COMMENT BELOW what is that ONE SMART CHOICE that you made for your family. AND Follow WanderWoMom, CAT PR and Goya Chocolates in Facebook and WanderWoMom in Instagram. That’s just 5 steps. Contest runs until September 30! SOooooo…. GO!


  1. My one smart choice that i made for my family is to look for an alternative but will not sacrifice the quality, the taste and the budget will shoot to our wallet just like the Goya Spreads! I always look what is the best for my family! 😊


  2. The one smart i choice i did for my family is to stop working and concentrate on raising my kids,being a sahm is difficult but fulfilling.


  3. As a mother, lahat naman tayo, we want the best for our family. And since, I am a working mother, I admit na talagang nahahati yung oras at attention ko sa family mostly sa kids and sa work. Pero, when it comes sa studies nila, I make it a point na talagang hands-on ako. So, 2days before their actual exam is nag gegenral review talaga kami. So talagang nag leave ako sa work para mas matutukan ko yun mga anak ko sa pagrereview. I spend my day with them para maituro at maipaliwanag yung mga bagay na di pa clear sa kanila. And at the same time, yung bounding and closeness, supports and care ay maramdaman nila. Kasi xmpre di ba po, mas lalo sila mamomotivate and yung eagerness nila mas lalo magiging matibay. Nakita ko sa kanila yung kakaibang saya. Mas naging madali para sa aking mga anak ang pag aaral. After we take a review and as a simple reward, pinagluluto ko sila ng favorite nilang Sopas! At mas lalo ako naging masaya at over whelmed dahil naging maganda at matataas ang results ng exams nila! An effective way to show love, support and affection for my family. Ang saya ng araw na yun, naipagluto ko ang family ng masasarap na pagkaen at masasayang oras habang kami ay sama samang nag aaral. Pati ako bumalik sa pag aaral at kailangan kong mag-aral ulit para mas lalo ko silang magabayan! hehehe
    For me, learning + support= SMART CHOICE for a better studies!


  4. what is that ONE SMART CHOICE that i made for my family? Well there’s so many ways but one thing that i can really say i made the smart choice was when i chose to become a full time mom. It’s been hard for me to decide at first because inside of me, i want to have a job but then when i saw my kids i realized one thing. I’m the mom and i want to see my kids growing day by day.. I want to take care of them, give them everything that they need, to support, guide, protect and nurture them with my love. Now, i am happy and contented to what and where i am right now. My kids are the most precious and I’m proud to say that as a mom, i made the smart choice for the first time in my life, and that is to be a full time mome and to be with my kids. ☺


  5. i made a smart choice for my kids nung mas pinili ko at pinanindigan kong Maging single mom. ☺ Ganito man ang sitwasyon ko sa buhay, hindi naman ito naging hadlang para magmukmok, maging down at pabayaan ang mga anak ko. Nagsusumikap ako sa buhay kaya kahit mahirap para sa kalagayan ko (PWD) ay natuto akong tumayo sa sarili kong mga paa ng hindi umaasa sa family ko. Natutunan ko kung paano magpalaki ng mga anak, magtinda ng kung ano ano sa kalsada para lang maitawid ang araw araw namin. Alam kong mahirap maging single mom dahil magisa mong tinataguyod ang mga bata pero sa puso at isip ko, masaya ako at kontento na akong makitang masaya at busog ang mga anak ko. Yan ang smart choice na nagawa ko for my family.


  6. The smart choice i made for my family was when i chose to become one with God And surrender to Him. Sa ganitong paraan, maaakay ko ang family ko na manampalataya din sa panginoon. Sa totoo lang hindi kami yung pamilya na maka diyos, pala dasal, pala simba. Pero nung nakilala ko si Lord, nagiba ang pananaw ko sa buhay. Ang goal ko ay mai guide ko din ang family ko sa tamang landas kasama si Jesus. Kaya masasabi kong i made the smart choice dahil naakay ko ang aking pamilya na muling manampalataya, magdasal at magtiwala sa panginoon. Masayang masaya ako dahil nakikita ko rin namang mahalaga pa pala sa family ko ang pananampalataya ant nasa puso nila ang diyos.


  7. We are a practical family and as a first time mom the one smart choice that I did for my little girl is that I was able to practice baby led weaning to her as soon as she turned six months. I gave her finger size cut veggie foods instead of mashing and blending it. When she turned one I offered her table foods. Whatever food we have in the table it’s also her food. Of course less salt and less sugar. It’s practical because less time to prepare her food and the whole family is enjoying the same food.
    IG : honeykochan
    FB : Jonalyn Munoz


  8. The one smart choice i made for my family is not giving up on my husband,though last year our marriage starts to fall apart because of too many complications, i hang on,i prayed and prayed that my husband would change for my kids sake.. I can sacrifice everything just make my family intact and make my kids happy with their father
    fb:sherry ann gole cruz


  9. I think yung pagiging mahilig ko sa promo’s like buy1 get1 or save something or get free kase malaking tulong sya samin na nag titipid lalo sa panahon ngayon lahat nag mahal na.


  10. The smart choice that I made for my Family is to give them the best but I make sure that I will not end up overspending, When I do my grocery, first I make sure that I am already full, so that I will not end up eating on a fast food. Second there is a list of needs and wants If I have extras after getting all we need then I check on those items what we want ie instant noodles, chips, french fries, chocolates these items are on my wants, I also look for items which is on B1T1. On clothing since I don’t buy now on malls for my self, I found a clothing shop that sells clothes sometimes with the same fabric you can find on mall but definitely half the price. For my daughter I seldom buy her clothes now since she spend most of her day at school, I also look for those who sell preloved items on Instagram and look for a shop who sells cheaper clothes, a lot offer on IG and FB those clothes from Taytay Tiangge. I sometimes sells preloved clothes. With our health I make sure to take high quality vitamins for us not to get sick. Being a mom is not an easy task especially when budget constraints but with the help of mom group you can learn from each other and get Ideas. Thankful that there is a kind of this promotion, More power Goya and Wanderwomom


  11. The smartest choice I made for my family is to quity job and be a stay home mom for the kids. There maybe a lot of what ifs and buts along the way, but seeing my children grow… Witnessing all their firsts… And just being there for them every step of the way… Makes me happy that I made the right choice. ❤️


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